Lethal Aim Milestone Ability - OP?


I ran my first ICRPG game the other week using the ME rules and when the players got their first milestone reward, one of the Hunters took Lethal Aim. I have some clarification questions regarding it.

1 - Does he need to have taken Dead Eye to use it?
2 - Are milestone abilities different from milestone rewards (ie should he not be able to take this as his first reward?)?
3 - Is there any limit to this ability? He runs in, takes a turn to aim, and then auto-kills any target he hits, unless they have a feature that otherwise states they don’t die outright?

It just seems really overpowered compared to a lot of the stuff my other players got.


Yes. He needs Dead Eye. He has to give up one turn to do nothing but aim. On the next turn, he rolls to attack. If a hit, he drops the target to zero. On a miss, depending on the circumstances, he can maintain the aim, or he might have to re-aim next round depending on the battlefield conditions.

He can absolutely take this as his first milestone, but the synergy works with dead aim.

It’s not an auto kill unless he makes the attack roll. And in some cases, I rule that it won’t work against anything with more than one heart or larger than humanoid. At its most effective, he could kill a humanoid-sized target outright every other round.

I am just explaining how Hank and our groups have played it, but it’s your table. Feel free to make it your own.


Yeah I was considering having it be an execute-style ability because otherwise he could just one-shot a dragon if he hits the roll RAW, which seems bonkers with only one milestone reward.