Legend of Zelda



I am between Ocarina and Breath of the wild. Breath has more locations but i know Ocarina better. More then likely mix both.


If you ever made a map ocarina of time is easier but Breath of the wild would be more open world


Ok, sorry. This is probably a terrible idea but I can’t get it out of my head.

Stone of Agony - while travelling, roll a d20. On a 20, the stone activates. Roll WIS on the current TARGET to find the entrance to a grotto with:

1.) A talking cow whose milk heals 1d4 per use.
2.) Two 1-heart Razorpods and a chest with shabby loot.
3.) A goblin who runs a rigged carnival game for coin.
4.) A ghost. When vanquished, its soul can be collected.
5.) A flaming skull and a chest with ancient loot.
6.) Two friendly plant monsters who sell magic ammo.
7.) An ice trap and a brazier of blue flame.
8.) A hag. Solve her riddle for bizarre loot.
9.) An old man who gives useful but indecipherable advice.
10.) A pigman who gives 30 coin. It’s a secret to everyone.
11.) An ogre wielding a piece of epic gear.
12.) An altar with one heart stone. Can only be found once per campaign. Afterward, it’s the cow.


I’m so stealing some of these. Keep them coming !!!


No this is a great idea. I am going to use this just mod some of the choices but this is good. Please feel free to post anything you come up with.


a Traveling Mask salesman would be appropriate as well as merchants found on the roads


I was planning on using the mask salesman from Majoras Mask and Beedle From Breath of the Wild. Have one sells masks and maybe scrolls and one see some basic items maybe a weapon here and there.


maybe have different chest rarities to maybe hint at loot


I want to have it where weapons and shield break or get destroyed but not sure how. Not sure if it should be on certain rolls or make a durability for weapons. Does anyone have any ideas?


easiest way is just give loot rarities a base value of hits before breaking and mending repairs x amount depending on how many hits they can take or something like that

basic 2-4 (1d4) to repair)
magical 6-8 (1d8 to repair)
ancient 10-12 (1d12 to repair)