Last Things Last - Black Light Game



Super fun! Had a great session.


Dave Fitz is the man. :+1: :oncoming_automobile:

Stay tuned for Episode II: Kill Janowicz… :dagger:


Was really fun experiencing game like that for the first time!


I would be super in to an Ep 2.


Indeed. Super smooth!


I’ve picked up another mic since the session after the audio issue I experienced. I’m definitely down for Episode 2.

Thanks again for everyones patience with me working through that.


No worries. It was a great session. I think many of us were tinkering with the VTT for the 1st time. It’s surprising we didn’t have more hiccups.


I dont know about an Operation: Kill Janowitz, but I can tell you that there a certainly some loose ends left to be resolved in episode 2.

We were all so focused on escaping before the police arrived, no one asked what happened to Marlene… :wink:


My bad. I really need to remember to build out my characters with more charisma, although my rolls were tragically low… :sob:


OMG… I happen own the Delta Green books, but until today I never realized that the scenario for Last Things Last is actually the starter adventure included with the Delta Green introductory quick-start rules and has a long history dating back to 2005 when it was written as a short 1500-word mini-adventure for its contemporary edition of Call of Cthulhu! I just watched this five-year-old video I had never seen before, with Seth Skorkowsky reviewing the scenario…

Seth Skorkowsky—Last Things Last

I loved using the Black Light supplement for a gritty, modern-day adventure with all of the ICRPG-style mechanics we know work so well at the table.

Kane, hindsight only cements my existing opinion that you did a splendid job rendering this compelling Lovecraft-inspired mystery/investigation as an exciting, fast-paced, smooth-running game experience within our known Runiverse. Again, well done. :+1:

This was a super-fun one-shot that I would recommend to anybody keen on any of the tropes it leans into, and it could be the starting adventure for a modern-day occult investigation campaign that could go in almost any direction.

Also… “Damn you, Mrs. Janowicz! Our business is not yet done…”

(Jack the NPC’s deception (at 6:02) is priceless; it is almost as bad as Bartholomew’s was…)