Last Things Last - Black Light Game



I’m not sure if @glocke knows what he’s getting into but we’re looking to set up a quick game of BLACK LIGHT.

Old agents do not fade away; they die just like everyone else. One such worthy was former Black Light agent Clyde Baughman. Less than twenty-four hours ago the 74-year-old died. We need to be sure that he’s left no evidence anything undesirable behind…

The game will be this Tuesday and we’ll plan on using Discord and RHVTT.


Oh man! I am interested but I have a 5e game that usually runs Tuesday nights. However, it often gets cancelled so if somehow the stars align where I am free and you still have space I will let you know!


is this an open recruitment? I think id like to try signing up if its not too late. Is the system ICRPG?


It looks to be, I think you just have to click on the little “going” box in the upper corner of the main post and you will be signed up.


thank you for letting me know, had no idea


Would love to have both of you @rpgerminator and @DryScythe! Just so you know this is a morning game for US folks. glocke is in Germany so time differences had to be taken into account.

As for the system, we’ll be playing with the BLACK LIGHT supplement which is for ICRPG and was @Shadymutha’s creation inspired by Delta Green


Man I would love to get in on this if you’re cool with a newb joining the group.


Of course! It is in the morning but if that’s works, I’ll message you some starting info. Happy to have you :smile:


Great, looking forward to it. Mornings, no problem. My insomnia wakes me up early lol.


Bwahahaha! 7:30am game? Now that’s just UNNATURAL! I love ya homies but I’ll have to sit this one out, have a good time though!


I’m down for an am game! Will have to do a little homework on Black Light though.


Woot! I cant believe I’m saying this but we’ve got five players already interested in playing and filled the table in record time :smile: I’m going to reach out and set up a group space to start working through it.

For anyone else who is interested, please still let me know so I can reach out as needed.


Oh man, this sounds so cool. I wish I could join but i’d love some updates as to how it goes!


Prepping for tomorrow’s game, I tried printing out my Operation Brief, but the entire page was redacted! I thought I had clearance :smiley:


Heck yeah! Would love to be a part of your games and maybe run some of mine on here too. Want to run this system as often as I can. Currently have one on going session in Alfheim that I’m running for my friends. After stumbling and stopping and undead army I introduced them to a potential story arc using the Wizard’s Lock and eventually having them come face to face with Durathrax. :smiley:


Very fun session! Masterfully run by Kane, who kept things smooth and entertaining, even working through minor technical difficulties. A+ to the GM and all the players. It was an honor.


Best moment— @flankbonus


…When his wheelman character makes the Dukes of Hazzard slide across the hood of the Volkswagen Taos to warm up the ride as his teammates pile in, leaving the scene of the crime with the faint sound of approaching police sirens in the distance…



Are you going to record the show? I would love to lesson to it.


Yep. It’s already posted up on my channel :smiley: :


well, now I know what I’m doing after work.


Wish they would update this.