Last Flight of the Red Sword... the video thats started it all!



To the ICRPG community …

For the new kids, here is a link to our first foray into this wonderful game we play together.

For the Oathsworn and Immortals, thanks for being the great players and even better friends.

Merry Xmas everyone. I am looking forward to our next adventures. I am looking back enjoying those moments. But most of all, I am enjoying the game we play now and forever… the Index Card RPG.

Thank you Hankerin, your game is changing lives and making us all better gamers!

Strength, Honor, and Beer!!!


Tremendous game!

I had gotten myself interested in ICRPG via reading about it. This video is what got me to stay. Always a blast watching any combination of you guys play.

Hopefully one of these days I’ll get the honor!


I watched this video live as it was unfolding, and I rooted for you guys every step of the way. I was on the edge of my seat at the end! This is also the video where I knew Matt Shaker and I would be friends one day. I think it was the. Torton accent. :smirk:


Also…that 41 damage from Matt…



This was such an intense game. I loved every moment. And that intro to Torton’s was great, loved the accent. Great folks all around.


I simply can’t watch this right now… I am playing through it on RoleGate. So no spoilers :joy:


Nice mission! Neat seeing the rules in action like that, and watching you guys having a blast!


At the end of the video it talked about getting the pdf? Where can I get it?


Page 132 of the Core Rulebook…


Thank you I didn’t really think of you actually check in the choir books to see if it’s in there.