Last Flight of the Red Sword SAM



I’m putting this Excel sheet I made for Last Flight of the Red Sword here. I’ll tag it as craft but really, I only followed the instruction from this video:
Really easy to set up and pretty useful if you run games using your laptop! Next up, I’ll be doing Eyes of Sett and putting it in the same folder! Or is there another way to share so that I can free space in my onedrive eventually? XP

The link:!AlyK6ROGmb0PkCrLB2Q9uzmzH5_f?e=8u1gAi

I’m definitely planning on translating Doomvault in a SAM after I’ve runned both those adventures, just saying! :smiling_imp:


I loved this idea when I stumbled on it back in the G+ days. I always thought I could simulate a sort of vtt in there, character sheets and all.

I am not seeing your background on this one though. Is that because I am opening in the online version?


Perhaps? Not too sure! I’ll ask Goblin Henchman! Thanks for telling me!


So, I ran Last Flight of the Red Sword: here’s a bit of a report!

• I had three players (a Geno, a Reptoid and a Xil) plus an NPC crew member for this session. That NPC stayed behind when the players entered the Red Sword.
• They all have greedy gloves. They really liked those, for some reason!
• One of my player’s boyfriend let out a comment that made me raise my eyebrow because I had doubts about it, she wasn’t there to make the comment herself but it was something related to people talking over her. So now I have some GM work to try to keep it from happening! Any suggestions?

So, I begin the session with some exposition about the Krell rushing to get my players in a Warp Shell and launch them in space. The Warp Shell apparently led them to peace talks, to make trade deals and other relatively peaceful encounters until the very beginning of the session: when they warp next to the Darkstar.

I explain to them that they see the Darkstar, the notorious, lightless Red Sword and a shattered Warp Shell in the distance…
The lady player that watched Star Trek wasn’t there to lead my players, so I took the time to explain to them the stations of the ship: Command, Science, Communication and Weapons.

Once that’s done, they begin to organise themselves, gathering information through scans, hails and observation. History checks, science checks, all of that. The session slowed them when they got to the shattered Warp Shell and found the dead body of their NPC crewmate floating frozen in the Warp Shell: let’s just say that temporal shenanigans might be to avoid in the future because the conversations got pretty heavy for a good, long while! Yikes!

I did eventually tell them about that old, but super cool, Spider-Man video game where the quantum tunnel is in effect. As such, blowing up a wall in the future will make it that there is no wall in the past, and vice-versa.

They figured out that they were 20,000 years into the future, and the Krell had already fallen (Fall of Arnor, which I might run eventually).

They go to the Red Sword, board it and get acquainted with the evil flares of the Darkstar. First fight with the reptoid ceiling-runners, everything goes well. Too well, in fact, I find the solar flares pretty underwhelming but that’s fine.

They go toward the engines rather than the bridge, pry the door to the medical module and have a turn to interact with the computers before the Gargantua Reptoid attacks. A player finds the WIS spell Dominate Machine and decides to climb (Reptoid PC) on the Gargantua to hack that ball of machinery that’s on it. So, I made it that this mix of machines has multiple functions, and the player can ask questions to figure out what it can do to, of course, order it to activate or behave the way he wants. He still cannot dominate the fleshy bits of the creature which one-shot him after a couple of rounds.

He gets raised a couple of rounds later, decides to crawl through the jefferies tubes to the bridge, leaving the party to catch up to him as the Gargantua pursue them.

• The Reptoid player gets the info. from the bridge (no reason the bridge shouldn’t have the information for the pirate’s plan).
• He gets ambushed.
• Players arrive.
• Gargantua crashes into the windows of the bridge, sending them all in space for a fight while the Red Sword is dominated to turn and use it’s tractor beam to gather the players.
• By then, the Gargantua is defeated.

The Reptoid player takes charge, the party scrambles as I present to them the time folded Xil.
Okay, short break for explanation: I made armor a damage reduction thing, in this one-shot.
So, the Xil had the class that gives her player her constitution bonus as armor… and looted a lot of armor stuff that made her near invincible!

That reveal made for a slow fight between the Xils, while the Geno did… something. It’s weird, I don’t remember much about what he did… :thinking: I think he waited at the bridge to press the button to start the end session timer. They rolled a 5. Fantastic!

They rush to the escape pods in the docking bay, the Warp Shell saves them before the Darkstar goes super nova and I end the session on the Warp Shell being involuntarily pushed through subspace~
Yup, no explanation about what happens next for them! :smiling_imp:

I’m going to spare you the complaining from my two male players, they really don’t like ICRPG. They really only like D&D 5e because it’s the best game ever:roll_eyes:
But I’ll be GMing a second session, a follow-up, to see if they stick to their opinion about it and if they can get a bit more detailed in their criticism. For my part, I think the system is perfect. :+1: