Last Flight of the Red Sword, a report~



07/02/2021 Important update!! The maps are Hank’s, and at least half the details in the scene descriptions are from Devil in the Details’ section in the ICRPG book! Only the pregens are mine. The SAM template is from Goblin Henchman, which I recommand you seek out his blog! Just wanted to make sure I didn’t take credit for things I didn’t make! :v:

So, my second playtest of my custom ICRPG just finished, and it went super well! I had enthusiastic players and good prep! Maybe a bit too much prep., maybe I’ll need to take note of that in the future. But we’ll see how it goes in the next games. :thinking:

Here’s the link to my files, by the way:!AlyK6ROGmb0PrUeBjD0lgzxJwBQl?e=63O3ZP
Hope you enjoy them, and may they be of use to you if you want to use them! :v:

Atuma, a Reptoid, and Vincent Knight arrived upon the Red Sword. They investigated neither the Darkstar nor the Supercruiser’s history and even avoided the Med bay and the Science bay through the marvelous power of hacking the bridge, haha!

Fray Effort was modified that it was a free action and did not require a d20 roll to deal the damage to the Lesser Foes, which there were a ton of! Grenades and pulse rifles did most of the work on the way to the bridge and then down to the engines! My players especially enjoyed choosing how to respond and defend themselves! I took note of that!

At the bridge, one of the player was forced to back into the corridor (front) to fire off on the lesser foes he had attracted, while the other one laid under the captain’s corpse that one of the Ceiling-Runner had thrown at him. The Ceiling-runner stepped to crush Vincent’s foot as the hero laid there, but Mr. Knight was able to dispatch the Ceiling-runner in return!

The players rushed to the engines’ room, the heat swoop through them and dealt a bit of damage. But that didn’t stop them. And they fought off a wave of lesser foes while desperately trying to hack the engines into overdrive, while brave pirates grilled upon the glowing, hot engines above~

From the bridge, the players had understood that there would be little time to leave after activating the engines. And with Vincent rolling a 2 on the end session timer for me they decided to let themselves die. They thought that they had been infected by whatever was roiling through the mutant Reptoids… but, fortunately, the Warp Shell tried to beam into the engines’ room and the players were able to beam the Shell into space before the explosion. That explosion sent the Warp Shell and her crew kicking and screaming into a well of swirling energies… we’ll see how they fare in Eyes of Sett… at some point!! XD

So, yeah, I hope that wasn’t too big of a wall of text. It was also more focused on the adventure itself than last report. But, then again, I didn’t change much of the system from that last session. After all, I’d like to take it slow so it remains sound. Thanks for reading!

Where flew the Last Flight of the Red Sword?

I hear ya on too much prep. Trying to learn to pare down XD


Nice, going there!

It’s the first time I saw this Goblin Henchman’s Spreadsheet Adventure Modules (SAMs), AKA mapping scenes in Excel and using cell notes as popup info. Interesting.

Maybe for those groups that use character sheets in excel / Google sheets then one could also add those there? :thinking:

Here’s the link to my files, by the way:!AlyK6ROGmb0PrUeBjD0lgzxJwBQl?e=63O3ZP

The scene.docx were for you use as reference, or read aloud at the start of each encounter? But out of curiosity, why not put in the excel too?

Always nice to read about Red Sword play reports :slight_smile:


So much writing! Haha!
I just feel that if I am not ready enough the adventure might become bland a bit, or I’ll stammer too much during descriptions (especially since English is not my main language!)

@nullzero absolutely! I did my pregens and once I’ll know what they are supposed to look like better I’ll definitely add popup info.!

I don’t know if Google sheets would work, though. I don’t use that app often!

And yes, I do read the info from the scene.docx! But the bullet points are GM-only! Hehe!
And I don’t put it in Excel because I did not know how to make index cards in excel! But it might be worth looking into! Especially with the popup info.!