Kung fu setting


Brain storming for a Ancient Kung Fu setting, creation is my favorite bit especially with producing the card art flavours. Using parts of the Kumite hack which fits perfectly with a few minor tweaks. ! Thought I should share.


Awesome! What’s the balance of fantasy to historical you’re going for?


I’m going for a sort of mythical underworld bosses, but mostly gang type villain’s on the way. PC’s will be human built around a fictional town. Its run by a corrupted spirit world cult figurehead lady Boss. That’s the outline thus far…


This is so cool. I was looking to make a feudal Japan setting with ICRPGs. How do you do you handle duels? I would like to know how to simulate the awesome samurai duels from films as much as possible. Or maybe it’s all just narration?


Oh, dude, I love these! Can you share more of the setting itself? In January/2022 I’ll be working on an update of Kumite and I need all the inspiration I can get :smiley:

Original post: Kumite: Martial Arts Action with ICRPG


Well my notes are the PCs are passing through this town…in feudal historical period of the three kingdoms China.
The townsfolk are dominated by ruthless gangs and led by a figurehead lady boss(like a mayor). People are increasingly missing and townsfolk want to revolt against the regime and ask for your help after you defend a group of kids from a small gang.
The story unfurls that the mayor is being paid off by a wealthy warlord who has satanic desires and is trying to lock into the underworld magic in the base of a dormant volcano.
The route there takes the pcs through a series of clues from an escaped child presented to the parents moments before her death. Bit of sharp dark rock and a whispering death text, they seek those from darkness and a bit of dirty cloth with a emblem on it. The town library explains the emblem to be that of the wealthy lord and leads them to the mansion and the Idents the rock if the INT roll is successful.
There they sneak in and find similar rocks to the clue. This takes them either on a short cut tunnel entrance to ancestors tombs network ( if they find the secret door under a bedroom rug) or a bit of a more perilous trek via a bridge, ravine, bamboo forest to the “rock man” who identified the rocks as volcanic.
All the way they are pursued by bandits and the warlords gang members.
The finale is in a volcanic mine complex with the satanic cult and the chinese mythical characters who are the devils henchmen.
That’s the outline at least…
No magic planned for the PCs but more wuxia for the enemies. I’m planning mythical weapons for the PCs to jazz them up a bit…


I handle the duels by rolling new initiative each round so it’s not always a to and fro combat.
I made my own combat board game based around a similar system and it works very well.
It’s like a who attacks first this time…Good rolls here are critical.
The kumite hack could used but with added specific weapons based feats for weapon masters which can add some fun.
I particularly like this setting as I’m a fan of this genre, wuxia and traditional martial arts.


That’s awesome! Thanks for the reply!