Krell Weapon Module confusion



I’m hoping to get information about this:

“The different forms the module takes include their native properties such as RAPID FIRE, EXPLOSIVE, LONG RANGE, VOLATILE, ENERGY and the like.”

My hope is to find where I can find out what the properties (in bold) do. Thanks!


Never mind! I just saw another thread about tags being open to interpretation, which is awesome! If I’m misunderstanding, please let me know.


You are 100% Right!

For my two cents, I would say:
RAPID FIRE: If you roll 15 or higher on a d20, get a free second attack.
EXPLOSIVE: The Weapon can be thrown like a grenade that explodes. OR the damage die explodes (Roll a d8, on an 8 roll again, and again and again for every 8.
LONG RANGE: Can shoot FAR.
VOLATILE: Always roll damage twice and take the best result, but the weapon explodes in the users hand on a Nat 1.
ENERGY: Does Magic/Energy Damage (d10).


Thank you very much! Those sound amazing!


If you want to bold words, look up this cheat sheet and guide! Cheers!


I’d have Rapid Fire be able to hit d4 targets as an option too.
Great stuff, Arc.


That’s a good one! All my stuff is just inspired by or taken directly from other ICRPG products and worlds haha. So nothing special. But I love the idea of tags for weapons to help distinguish them.


For EXPLOSIVE at our table we treat it as AOE for everything close/near to the primary target depending on the specific gun, instead of increasing the damage.


I think I like that the most as it cuts down on rolling.