Kids Ravenloft game progress


This is my Ravenloft kids game. Got all the rooms set. It’s three levels. Main level is meet Strahd and get used to ICRPG mechanics with target number around 12. They need to find the icon but when they do it activates a trap to the dungeon level. Battle zombies and get the sun sword and the location of the heart and Strahd on the third level. The build is mostly professor DM jinspiration and ICRPG rules. Also watched Seth Skorkowsky so credit there as well. Any ideas/critiques would be nice. It’s a kids game with parents as the henchman who help the kids’ characters but cannot interfere with the kids characters lol. Thanks again for everyone’s support. Almost forgot. I am wiring led torches and a pressure trigger for the trap. I am using Conway castle switches that allows me to control 4 leds . I have four of those so I can darken and brighten an area depending where the minis are located . I got the idea from table top witchcraft and the makers of the Conway castle board, terrain tropics. Big thanks to them for helping and inspiring. Kz


Wow, looking very cool! :heavy_plus_sign::one: