Kids on bikes?


Is there a “Kids on bikes” conversion floating around anywhere?

“Stranger things” has got me interested in this type of game.


I didn’t know about this game till recently. Don’t have it so I can’t say all that’s involved in a conversation but I lived the era, and pretty much lived on our bmx bikes.

From my take, this is an exploration game, not based on combat. Would want to play a couple of games to know what is really important. But icrpg is flexible enough.

Game interests me from a one shot~5 session game. Be fun to be the ass hat I was back then or an amalgamation of my friends. But I might get too pissy about coaster breaks vs hand breaks, goose necks, spokes vs mags, pegs. GTs vs redline seems vs mongoose endo’s, Bunny hops, crawls. Chrome vs steal.


I had the same thoughts… And I haven’t got the game either.


Drats $7.50 on drivethru. I’ll print and read, see if anything catches me. But until I play can’t really know what’s important.


I’ve not checked out Kids on Bikes but it’s probably not too different than Tales from the Loop. Since it’s primarily mystery as opposed to combat, have Starter Rewards boost skills (tags?). Use kids ages as Bio-Forms.


Actually it does seem different, I think I like tales from the loop better. This kids on bikes is a very narrative story system. With a dice representing a stat. And it also has unstable powers…but the players don’t know that yet. So your stats are d4, D6, d8, d10, d12, d20.

Also this book is for a slightly older character set I think. But it is a narrative game no hit points, I’m thinking there is a simple way to make this all effort based game with no hit points.
Odd part is failures are important in this game, and tempo plays very different.
It is also very inclusive with very distinguishing language. So your characters sexuality and gender are important parts.

There are ways…crap now I need to check out tales from the loop. It’s just I don’t care that my friend is a trans man…but in the 80s I would have razzed him mercilessly. Do I want that in my game? They also have space for special needs, both physical and on the spectrum, or impaired.
While realistic, I’d need to be very selective about the players I have around the table for this. I’d probably not be able to play, without a session 0 including all the players together.

This has more of a feel of Eureka but with teen protagonists.
Matt, you might want to go with something else, but now I need to compare to tales from the loop.
Just reading through it…tales from the loop seems soo much more my speed. But perhaps a narrative 80’s kid adventure for ICRPG???


I was just thinking about this too. I have a vague idea for something in this vain, but I have only really played sci-fi and high fantasy settings.