Khan's Spells & Feats



backing as in buying:)


I wish I knew when, I’ll buy it the moment it comes out!


I don’t want to commit to a date because there are still a couple of small things to do that are waiting for other people BUT it is VERY SOON - as in two weeks or so.

I hope you can wait that long and I also hope that I can wait that long, too! Because I’m about to eat my goddamn fingernails!!!1!1! :grimacing:


its gonna be great:)


Can’t wait to get this into my game… looks fantastic… love the orange! … Game On!


I feel ya buddy! But don’t worry, it is coming out soon for everyone to enjoy! Keep up the great work!


–Release announcement–

Khan’s Spells & Feats will be released next Friday (20th September) on


Thank you very much for the warning! I’ll be getting ready for it!


Great! Consider it bought.


I just made an account to tell you how happy, and hyped i am for this!
Keep the good work! I’ve found a new home in ICRPG :).
Cheers ^^.


Wow… This is quite possibly one of the best comments I’ve ever received! Thank you!


–Release Update–

I did ‘release’ the book yesterday as promised but drivethru needs to review it before making it publicly available. According to them, reviews take up to 5 business days.

I’ll let everyone know when it is released. Stay tuned - and sorry for the delay.


Aw naw, ma dude. Thanks to YOU! It’s because of people like you and Hank this place is such a wonderful space to learn and grow, both as a DM and as a Player, heck, even as a person, and a creator.
When i told my players there was gonna be a -magic- supplement for ICRPG they all started rolling new caster characters. We’re patiently and lovingly waiting for it to be on Drivethru. Even tho we only need to buy one, expect at least 6 purchases from my table :slight_smile: (Same as every ICRPG module released to date).
Can’t thank you enough! You got us all hyped again :D.
Cheers ^^.


Us: The Siege of Dunkeld!
DriveThruRPG:“In Hoots we trust!”


Excellent work.

Purchased, perusing, and plotting.



I love FEATS! It works perfectly with Spells and Loot for character progression. If you can’t lose the progression, like loot, then it will cost you to use it. Brilliant!


This thing’s in the wild as of today. I’ve already picked it up and had a go through. I’d like to share with you my initial thoughts (DO GET IT).

The first thing I noticed was the great job with the formatting. It fits right in with the official Runehammer ICRPG books. Aside from missing Hankerin’s art (there is some art at chapter breaks), this book is pretty much identical to the MAGIC book in flavor, iconography and lay out including some great flavor text. The editing is good as on my early go through I’m not seeing any obvious grammatical or spelling issues.

There are SOOOO many cool new spells and feats (the latter of which are a first for ICRPG). Their descriptions are both concise and clear.

Feats are explained well, both how they work and how they differ from SPELLS and LOOT. They fall into three categories: Defensive, Offensive and Utility. There are feats that will thematically fit just about any class you could want to use. For those who may have complained about casters being super powerful after Magic came out, these feats will let everyone else shine in equal measure.

The book includes a sweet d100 RARE INGREDIENTS table. I can see getting all kinds of use out of this especially for the purposes of Alchemy which has been under-served to date in the system. I realize I could use plenty of other tables from elsewhere for this, but this one is already formatted to ICRPG mechanics saving me time. There are multiple other tables provided for spells and fails.

Khan also provides a custom character sheet for the magic user. Unlike ICRPG character sheets I’ve seen before it, it breaks out the source of stat bonuses in more detail, something I appreciate.

I look forward to spending more time with this book and using it for character creation. I also expect to frequently return to the RARE INGREDIENTS table in adventures that I run.

This is the first time I have bought such a supplement created by a community user. I get so much from the Runehammer community, so I was happy to support Khan’s project. But beyond that, I’m happy with it because he did a great job and clearly invested a lot of love and attention to detail. My hope is that many of this community will pick it up so that we can see its content in use together at the table!

KHAN'S SPELLS & FEATS is released!
KHAN'S SPELLS & FEATS is released!