Khan's Spells & Feats



Khan’s Spells & Feats, a supplement for ICRPG written by me, is released!

It has 104 pages and has 2 brand new mechanics for ICRPG: Metamagic Spells and Feats.

Metamagic Spells are special spells that let you cast another spell with modifications like double damage, double duration, no cost and so on. There is one that lets you even cast two spells with a single action!

Feats are special abilities for characters that let them do extraordinary things. Characters gain them in place of milestones (your choice). This will let you play games without LOOT if you wish so. Mechanically, feats are similar to spells but activating a feat is a free action and you can activate multiple feats one after the other. Also you master feats individually and mastering them lowers their activation cost.

Extra attacks, parrying, cleaves, ducking, dodging, stat boosts… You name it.


  • 207 brand new, and awesome SPELLS
  • 57 FEATS
  • 10 Mage Kinds
  • 10 Mage Classes
  • Rare Ingredients Table (100 items)
  • 2 Mercurial Failure Effects Tables (200 effects total)
  • Spell Loot Tables

Edit: Added new screenshots of the book.

KHAN'S SPELLS & FEATS is released!
Crossroads Arena, One Shot
Strength and Dex powers?
Crossroads Arena, One Shot Matinee

This sounds amazing!


Looking forward to it, @Khan. There’s some seriously good stuff dropping.


Most excellent, my dude! :raised_hands:


Sounds great. Have any preview pages of what to expect? Bait if you will. lol


This sounds awesome! I can’t wait to give it a gander. :slight_smile:


Looks fun, looking forward to it! Keep up the great work sir!


Looking forward for this! Super sweet with a Tome!


Sure. What would you like to see?


Sounds cool. Is the magic meant to work upon the mechanics presented in the MAGIC core book or is it a differently functioning magic system?


Spells use the exact same mechanics from ICRPG MAGIC. Nothing new to learn.

The only difference is metamagic spells, which are new but they are still regular spells. The only difference is, you cast a metamagic spell and then immediately cast another regular spell with added effects.


Gang, I have seen a preview of this resource, and I have to tell you, it’s going to be awesome. When it comes out, please make sure you support @Khan because this one is cool. It’s awesome to have members of our community produce awesome content for our community.


Thanks for the support brother!


Yes sir! You can count on this dwarf


Yet another tome to add to the growing ICRPG library. Looks great Khan. I especially like the color scheme.


Added lots of screenshots to the OP. These should give a fairly good idea of what’s inside.


This looks so awesome and impressive! I will definitely support by picking up a copy when this comes out. Thanks for putting this together for all of us.


By thors mighty hammer dude…:star_struck: :star_struck:
i think i just creamed my knickers… i WILL be backing this…


Backing? It is on Kickstarter?


Gonna be released on drivethrurpg.