KHAN'S SPELLS & FEATS VOL. 2 is released!



Thanks man!

The only update I have on physical copies is that the proof copy got lost in the mail.

I sent an email to drivethru telling that. I’m waiting for their response.

As things are the way they are, printing and shipping might take a long time, as in at least two months.

I was thinking about looking at Amazon’s print on demand service but I think it breaks my licence agreement with drivethrurpg and that is a no go.

Rest assured, I’m working on the problem!


New update:

Drivethru is going to print and mail me a new copy. The book is in queue to be printed but the queue is long, so it may take 2-3 weeks for it to be printed and shipped. Then I will have to wait for it to arrive.

At least things are back in track.

By the way, I’m talking about the physical version of Vol 1, not Vol 2. Vol 2 will come after Vol 1 is ready to be sold. It has to be this way because I’m using the same pdf template for both books so any printing errors (if any) like colors, margins etc. will be seen on both of them and fixing one will fix the other.


That’s a bummer that alternative providers couldn’t be pursued in the interim, but great to hear that things are back in motion. Appreciate all the efforts you’re having to go through in order to get this into print–can’t wait to get my hands on a copy, it’s going to be awesome!

Thanks for the update.


Finally some great news!

New proof copy is on its way! Thankfully, it was printed way faster than expected.

I’m waiting for it with my fingers crossed.