KHAN'S SPELLS & FEATS VOL. 2 is released!



Ahoy my Shield Brethren, the time is upon us!

Khan’s SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 2 has arrived!

As promised, I lowered the price to $10 due to some requests but I didn’t skimp on the content. This book is longer than the previous one and has new ideas, suggestions and mechanics! Also check out the bundle link at the end to get a discount as well!


  • Over 200 new SPELLS total
  • 13th SPELL TYPE: CHAOS. Magic is even more unpredictable and powerful, but also extremely dangerous. Not for the faint of heart!
  • 16 METAMAGIC SPELLS that let you cast multiple SPELLS, cast a SPELL you don’t even know, boost your spellcasting STAT and so much more
  • CANTRIPS - New mechanic for casting selected SPELLS over and over again for free OR succeeding their ATTEMPTS automatically for a small price
  • 45 new FEATS which can give HEROES many interesting abilites
  • 10 MAGE KINDS & 10 MAGE CLASSES for cool new abilities and roleplaying inspiration for spellcasters
  • 100 RARE INGREDIENTS for emergency use, or creating potions or casting SPELLS for free
  • 100 CONSUMABLE LOOT ITEMS for fantasy, like healing potions, summoning animals, creating undead where you can use each item a couple of times before it is depleted
  • 100 CONSUMABLE LOOT ITEMS for sci-fi, cyberpunk and futuristic games with portable body shields, stim packs, combat drones
  • SPELL ROLLER TABLES to roll for random SPELLS from 3 books: ICRPG MAGIC, Khan’s SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 where all SPELLS’ description and page number are listed for easy reference
  • Mage Character Sheet
  • Blank FEATS Sheet for your own FEAT creations
  • Blank SPELLS Sheet for your own SPELL creations
  • GM tips to how to use the resources in this book very effectively



  • Cast any SPELL even if you don’t know it.
  • Combine two SPELLS to create a new SPELL.
  • Absorb an enemy SPELL to cast it later.
  • Forbid a certain event from taking place in an area.
  • Steal abilities from NPCs and MONSTERS to use them as your own.
  • Summon a duplicate of yourself from another timeline to double team.
  • Replace your current character with another for a limited time.
  • Turn into any creature you want and give yourself multiple abilities.
  • Create a huge construct guardian with powerful abilities.


  • Sniff and find LOOT.
  • Be immune to all physical damage for some time.
  • Sense hidden things, hidden motives and lies.
  • Reflect SPELLS back to their casters.
  • Absorb SPELL energies and use them to fuel your own.
  • Stay CLOSE and prevent healing of enemies.
  • Stay CLOSE and do automatic damage to enemies every ROUND.
  • Cancel a SPELL being cast.


  • Gem of Nine Lives. 9 charges; when you drop to 0 HP, get back up with one single full HEART.
  • Weaponmaster’s Oil. 3 smears; with a melee weapon, behead/smash/crush the head of a creature on a CRITICAL ATTEMPT.
  • Sunstones. 4 stones; throw them on the ground to teleport to a place you have been.
  • Necromancer’s Keychain. 5 tiny skeleteons attached; drop one onto the ground to raise a skeleton.


  • Speedy Toenails. Eat these to cast 1D4 additional SPELLS this TURN.
  • False Idol. Smash this to automatically succeed your next 2 ATTEMPTS or CHECKS.
  • Broken Weight. Roll HARD STR to learn a new FEAT immediately.
  • Small Bait. Summon 1D6 small creatures appropriate to your surroundings.


If you want this volume only, get it from here:

Buy the bundle which consists of two volumes to get a discount:

Happy gaming!

Edit: Here’s @Wildstar’s review of the book in podcast form:

Kahn's page 5!

@Alex @DSMyers @George_Taray @BigGrump @Dave_Thaumavore if you guys could post your reviews/thoughts about the book, it would tremendously help me and anyone interested in buying the book. :angel:


I’ve used a TON of stuff from vol. 1 and was excited to see volume 2. If your players want more options, more spells etc. this is the book to get.


This looks awesome man, congrats on getting this one together and out for us!


Just saw the post on Reddit, and immediately downloaded! Already looks great!


Love it to bits!
I really appreciate the effort you put into it!


I bought it! Thanks!


As I pointed out in a uselessly separate thread, page 5’s ‘Spells and Feats can be…’ section may seem obvious, but it’s arguably the most useful set of ideas related to ICRPG. Print it out and thumbtack it to your forehead!


I was a fan of Vol. 1. and this one delivers more goodness. Here’s a 15 minute review I did on it including ways I’ll be using it in my games.


Wow, thanks for the review! That was fast! I’m listening to it as I’m writing this message.



Valid complaint. Vol. 1 had this automatically but I had to fight the table of contents because had to reformat and rewrite it every single time I updated the contents so I gave up. Instead both books have very detailed bookmarks.
Eventually I can go back and add those hyperlinks manually and update the pdf.

Complexity of Spells & Feats

I think you nailed my intentions with a 100% accuracy. Some of them are more complex than others but like you say GMs are free to choose what to include in their games or what to adjust or trim.

Most D&D converts want more complexity in their games than what the vanilla ICRPG provides, so I’m giving everyone the option. My gaming group falls under this category and they love these spells and feats. It feels like D&D but without the complexity getting out of hand.

Again, like you say, everything in the book serves as an inspiration source so anyone can take a spell and turn it into its simplified version like the ones in ICRPG CORE.


You nailed them 100%.

Bottom line, there is nothing in your review that I disagree with. Thank you for your time and breath!


I seem to recall something about a physical book. Granted, i could be just going insane too. But, any thoughts on that still happening via DTRPG?



No, you are not going insane.

TL;DR physical books (both vol. 1 and 2) are coming but it will take months before they become available. If you buy the pdf now, it will be deducted from the physical book’s price so you’ll lose nothing because hardcopies will come with the pdf anyway and their price will be determined by the pdf’s cost + printing costs.

I have been working on the physical books of both volume 1 & 2 and they are complete. In fact, I wrote a couple of forum posts declaring this and my progress in this thread:

In a nutshell, there is a big problem. Drivethru’s printing got very slow due to the virus and so did all the postage. I’m still waiting for the first physical proof copy to arrive so I can either approve them and you can buy them, or I make the necessary fixes and order another proof copy.

It’s been 50 days or something since it was mailed to me but it hasn’t arrived. I’m thinking it got lost in the mail somwhere. I’m still waiting to make sure but I don’t know.

Now normally this is not a problem because you tell drivethru that no mail has arrived and they print and send you another one. The bad news is, after I tell them this, I will have to wait for another 2 months for it to arrive. Assuming I find no errors on the proof copy, then I can approve it and you can buy it.

Currently, this is the best case scenario. Also keep in mind that this is for volume 1. I started the publishing work on it early because I was expecting something like this might happen and I didn’t want to waste time.

At least the good news is, volume 1 and 2 share more or less the same template so if vol. 1 is okay, vol. 2 most likely will be too.


good to note I wasn’t going insane as my players have told me :smiley:

I had no clue how backed up things were with the POD for DTRPG. These days i don’t order too many physical books to keep the slowly growing clutter that is my house to a minimal.

Well Khan my friend, I’ll get the PDF and eagerly await for the proofs to show up on your doorstep. I’ll be keeping the spots ready on my shelves when all is settled.

Thank you sir.



Yeah, people who fully “get” ICRPG will have no problem adding or subtracting the layers of a thing as needed.

Someone coming to ICRPG for its simplicity if not having embraced the freedom of making all things tweaked as needed to fit your play may have some pause.

I didn’t mention it in the review, but I can see that you are attempting to bridge the gap to the D&D crowd and their wants. For example, you introduced “reactions” in a few things.


True, but newcomers to ICRPG usually don’t know of ICRPG MAGIC and therefore my books so no problem there. ICRPG MAGIC is the gatekeeper to my stuff by design.

Also what we consider “complex” is slow tuesday for D&D and Pathfinder refugees. :slight_smile:

As for bridging the gap between D&D and ICRPG, it happened organically. I’m most familiar with D&D (have been playing it since 1E) so anything I do is heavily influenced by it. Since ICRPG was created in the same way, I think it fits.


Hey everyone,

I’ll be out of town for roughly two weeks and I don’t expect to be active here until I get back. I will reply to private messages, mentions etc. but I might not see them right away so don’t panic.

See ya!


Just picked up a copy! Really enjoyed the first one and have just had a chance to flip through but love the art and everything I have seen so far. I printed the first one and just leave it on the game table for players to thumb through and come up with ideas. Will do the same with this one I imagine. Some day I will bind them. Keep the great content coming! Looking forward to whatever is next!


This is by far the most value added and useful ICRPG supplement yet! … loving every minute detail… keep up the great work @Khan

Game On!


Thanks @Naphetres @Ezzerharden!

P.S: I’m back at home.


Hi @Khan I love the books!

Any update on physical copies coming available?