KHAN'S SPELLS & FEATS is released!



I’ve done my part! Looks good so far.


For comparison, here’s an article with stats on another publishers results from DTRPG and the amount of sales/dinars he’s earned…


I’ll chime in on the sales part and also note that any work here is being pitched to a strong DIY community. You might have the best expansion of ICRPG in the universe, but that still doesn’t overcome someone’s need to create things himself or herself, which can be inherently more satisfying sometimes. That factor could certainly account for low sales.


I saw that link on discord chat. I concur with the author’s conclusions, at least for now. :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s a good point. I knew that before I started writing and that didn’t stop me from writing the book. I think ICRPG needed it and we deserve it.


I’m going to be putting some of these things to use for my Halloween 1-shot for character pre-gen. :slight_smile:


Tell us how it went after the one-shot.


On sales,

I’m a DIY man, first by necessity (Eastern European economies…), second by choice. I also spend too much time on screens and turn to RPGs to get off the tech.

I’ll share my mindset in case it’s helpful for you. But first, let me say, I am not saying the PDF isn’t worth $15. It’s probably worth more. But we don’t live in a world where worthwhile things are always, or even often, fairly compensated.

If it was a physical copy + PDF, I’d be happy to pick it up at $20 - same price as ICRPG MAGIC. But since it’s just a PDF, $15 makes me pause. I use PDFs, but I don’t like them, and your book despite the lack of artwork seems like something I’d like to sit, read and consider. Nevertheless, at $10 I’d probably pull the trigger. At $5 I’d instabuy.

I don’t know how many people are like me out there, but I’d assume you’ll see a fair bit more total revenue at $5-10. I’m not sure what exact price is the sweet spot but it may be worth exploring.


:herocoin: Read my mind. This is almost exactly what I should have said above.


Thank you for the thoughtful response. I see your point and yes, your explanation is helpful. Like I said to Vihar, you’ll not get any argument from me. I understand that some people may not be willing to pay the asking price, which is only natural. I’ll keep your opinion in mind for the future.


I am totally intrigued and interested in this supplement book and would love to have it in my collection. However, I have a hard time relating to the PDF format for any game or supplement that I have come across and so I am unfortunately not likely to pursue this in PDF format. I like to have an actual physical thing to read and leaf through and tend to avoid screen time when possible. I absolutely respect the time and effort you have put into this project and also the additional effort that it would take to convert it to book format, that would probably be a lot of work. You have my support and interest here in the forums for this of course but If you ever do convert it to a physical copy I will pick it up!