Khan’s SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 1 HARDCOVER is now available!



This one’s ALIVE TOO!

Finally, after 6 months of mishaps upon mishaps (by drivethrurpg, not by me!), the HARDCOVER of SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 1 is here! A chapter of my RPG publishing journey is now complete!

Thank you guys for all your support!

Get the book from here:

While waiting for this proof copy, I was hard at work on Vol. 2 to update and prepare it for printing (softcover first). As of today, it is sent to the printer. When it is approved, I’ll order a proof copy. It should take around 2-3 weeks to be approved for sale.

Have fun!


Just ordered a copy!!! Had printed it before but been looking forward to getting a real physical copy and want to support you and the rest of the community in making great content for this game. Looking forward to getting Vol. 2 in print as well! These have been really helpful in fleshing out characters after a couple of adventures and giving our magic users more options/ideas.


Thanks for the kind words and support!

Vol. 2 is almost ready. The softcover proof copy has arrived. My very busy relative and I have to sit down and go over the book page by page, hopefully this weekend. If everything is in order, I’ll give the approval for sale.

I already sent Vol. 2 hardcover to the printer, so it is in the pipeline.