Keep on the Borderlands using ICRPG (UPDATE: game is full now)


Have you ever wanted to try out ICRPG? Did you play D&D when there wasn’t an edition number? Would you like to visit the Keep on the Borderlands? Well have I got a deal for you. Please join me as we explore my version of the Keep on the Borderlands.

The game will be played on Roll20 using Zoom for video and audio. I have room for a total of 5 players.

Current list of adventurers:



I don’t have the free to to be able to play. But, I’d like to see your conversion Notes and stuff if you don’t mind.

Keep on the Broderlands is one I’ve been thinking about running for my players as well.


Hi. While I have been following Runehammer on Youtube since it started as Drunkens and Dragons, and have GM’d a few ICRPG games - I am new to the Runehammer forums and discord, so I’m not sure about the social norms of the group and if randoms like me are expected to answer these requests - but if you are looking for a player I’m available. I remember KOTB from when I was a kid, and I did a scaled down / hacked version for a DCC weekend a couple years ago - and of course Professor Dungeon Master has a cool take on it. So let me know - or if you just want to chat first and make sure I’m not a weirdo that’s gonna mess up the game - that’s cool too. Good luck - it sounds fun.


You are in the game. It is always good to see new faces in my games.


I’d be down if you don’t mind a repeat offender…


Welcome to the group. Of course I don’t mind repeat offenders. You have some idea of what you are getting into with my games.


I’d love to see your conversion notes too! That’s the next campaign I’m running.


im two sessions into keep on the borderlands.
i wish id known about icrpg before i started. i probably would have used this rule set. but i have been trying to bring in a lot of the rules from it.


A couple folks have asked me for my notes. Unfortunately, they are not in any form that can be shared right now. I have the original module as well as notes I took while watching Professor Dungeon Master’s videos. I have a bunch of notes of my own. I also have a lot of the material in Roll20 since that is where I plan on running it.

It is possible I will collect everything into something I can share someday, but not at this time.


I’m reviving this thread using all the necromancy I know! How did this turn out? I am planning on using KotB to run some sessions for my students. Any tips or goofy things that came up as you played?