Kane's Core Rules Walkthrough


Hello Shield Wall,

Our own @KaneDriscol has put together a playlist demonstrating all the core rules of ICRPG. As new folks discover ICRPG this will be a great resource! (Along with the rest of his channel)

There are seven videos put up today, but not sure how to link into the playlist rather than just the first video. So be sure to dig past this first one!


This is perfect, pretty common questions over at r/ICRPG on Reddit.

How many hero coins does Kane have?! :herocoin:


You know, I used to be all about the turns. It is a really easy way to conceptualize “playing” the game - especially for a new GM. However I find it terribly restricting now - especially for 5+ players. Totally slows the game down to a crawl.

Still good for a newbie and great for GM who only has 2 players.

My two drachma,


These are perfect videos for those just jumping in. Seems like a lot of people are reaching out for new rulesets and Path/Starfinder and ICRPG seem to be brought up a lot.

Even larger RPG YouTube channels are showing ICRPG some love. I really hopes it expands the community even more. https://youtu.be/sSCYykfssrc

That being said that also gives us an opportunity to be more organized and so far I am loving what I am seeing. Massive thanks to the foundational Shield Wall supporters.


It probably has been said already but it doesn’t hurt to say it again: @KaneDriscol is a national treasure.


not sure how to link into the playlist

One can get the link to a playlist by clicking the playlist title and on the playlist page click the “share arrow” icon and then “Copy”. That said, the link you provided with the first video AND the playlist being linked is probably more useful, anyway. The following is the playlist-only link:

[UPDATE: It seems, the forum turns these links into the same thing, anyway. The raw URL of the playlist link is “https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-dFBafZ9Fusvvn_m43ClzbGJmJWr83TN”]


I’ve added two new videos recently about the basic equipment in both Alfheim and Warp Shell. I try to describe how the items work and how I address some of the questions/concerns that come up with each. Obviously, you are always at liberating to do what works for your table but hope these help :smiley:

Alfheim Basic Equipment

Warp Shell Gear