Justice: An Ashen Company Adventure


And that’s a wrap!

I started two weeks ago on a project to create an adventure for ICRPG others could use. It evolved into putting it on DriveThruRPG as a ‘pay what you want.’ I received permission first from Brandon; then learned how to convert my DriveThru account to a creator account and went through the approval process on their end.

Over the course of this ‘self discovery,’ I learned a process for content creation and established a platform to easily add new materials I decide to generate. It went live today and I have been receiving emails about ‘purchases.’ They are all for $0 but I am tracking them out of curiosity; a lot of the book points back to the player needing either the FREE quick start rules to try out the system or the core rules to play.

I think that’s pretty cool.

Use this thread for feedback or thoughts on the product should you want to take a peek. Again – $0 – as I was initially intending to put it up here for anyone anyway.



Well done man! Congrats on your release!

May this be a beginning of great many things.


This is cool. I really like it and it is an example to me. Please continue with making things like this. I think I’ll sit down to create something too :blush:


Purchased! It’s cool man! Got some great ideas in there!

For me, I found the first half of the overview a bit off kilter with the Sword & Sorcery Vibe… but that’s easily tuned to taste.

IMO It’s still a must have for any Alfheim fans! Good job!


Yeah - I kinda went back and forth on that one myself. But I could not get away from the giant spider drawing with the mechanical eye. It is the kind of thing that suddenly takes control of the story and I couldn’t fight it. I would have still been creating rather than publishing if I kept editing and I have too many dead projects due to stuff like that.

I also wanted the Ashen Company to have a bit of an FBI // x-files feel where strange things happen… and the strangers in grey take care of it. That way players are more like “agents” and are not tied down to any campaign.

The next one will involve the cover up and provide 2 versions. Version one: all the rangers from the first adventure died and the new rangers are facing a spreading of the spiders. Version two: the surviving rangers must fight the drone which retreated back into the woods but does not have time to reestablish a colony.

I am thinking the ranger “keep” will have a vault like in Indian jones and the players have to return parts of the drone where it will go into storage.

And you better believe there will be a magical “clean up” crew to wipe the event from history!

Ultimately the goal for me was to make something that would attract a wide audience to checking out the system (assuming they have not) while also sharpening my own skills at content creation.

I wanted to keep it simple while also showing possibilities within a DIY system. Future adventures might draw against the story ideas provided in core and worlds for the kingdom of Grey and stick more on the traditional “fantasy” themes but with a twist of weird.


Oh big grump this looks awesome! I’ll throw ye a buck if I could, damn it living in south america!!

I really love to see ICRPG adventures being published around.


No worries Nim! It isn’t a money thing. I just wanted to see if I could do it. There will be one more like this for sure. Then the 3rd one will probably be a straight primer “guide” for the Ashen Company — ranger figure flats, more curses, adventure creation tables, and more on ARTIFACTS (MILESTONES) and how they relate to the rangers.

They will be pay what you want materials. If I ever get to a point where I am charging, message me and I will shoot you a copy on the side!


I got ya covered bud, I just went in and bought it a second time. Good people deserve good support and everyone in this ICRPG community are good people by my standards!


Uncle @Kindred youre a saint! Sorry for the late reply, this did ULTIMATE EFFORT to my heart though <3.


Haha no problem dude!