Joining the Inktober Challenge



Oh nice, you left descriptions are so good.


Tasty -It considered everything to be delicious, and it makes everything wonderfully tasty.


October might be over, but I’m still going to finish out the Inktober challenge. It’s a little tough with some of the bigger client work I have right now.

Dark -As the eye caught fire, the light of the room was swallowed by the dark flames, and glimmering eyes in the darkness shown like stars on a moonless night.


Coat -The only thing I knew for sure was that it loved the coat.


Ride -“It’s the only way to cross, but we will have to convince the crew to take us.”


Almost there!

“Injured or not, my ship will get us there.“


Ohh I love that one.


Catch -The ink in the pendant yearned to escape, and I was warned that the catch would be more than difficult to reason with.


Last one! It took more than just October, but I did it. Now I need to work on putting it all together. I’ll be in Memphis next week for the International Caricature Convention, but hopefully I’ll have this together in the next few weeks.

Ripe -It whispers as it blooms, breathes as it grows, and splits along the seam when it’s ripe… but it’s the crying that is truly unsettling.


This is fantastic artwork. Thanks for sharing it. Did anything manifest from it?


Incredibly Stylish man! Love it!


Thanks! I’m working on it right now. November and December where crazy busy, so work on the Inktober project and the Garden of the Temple sequel has been really slow. I want to get it done some time soon, but I can’t say yet what “soon” means.