Joining the Inktober Challenge



Oh nice, you left descriptions are so good.


Tasty -It considered everything to be delicious, and it makes everything wonderfully tasty.


October might be over, but I’m still going to finish out the Inktober challenge. It’s a little tough with some of the bigger client work I have right now.

Dark -As the eye caught fire, the light of the room was swallowed by the dark flames, and glimmering eyes in the darkness shown like stars on a moonless night.


Coat -The only thing I knew for sure was that it loved the coat.


Ride -“It’s the only way to cross, but we will have to convince the crew to take us.”


Almost there!

“Injured or not, my ship will get us there.“


Ohh I love that one.


Catch -The ink in the pendant yearned to escape, and I was warned that the catch would be more than difficult to reason with.