Joining the Inktober Challenge



That’s funny i don’t think I know anything about a Dark Souls, besides the fact that’s it’s a game and it’s pretty popular. I still take that as a compliment, haha!


Most definitely a compliment, at least from me. They tell amazing stories through indirect narrative and evocative phrasing, which really asks a player to look deeper into the meaning and context of what they’re seeing without telling them exactly what they’re looking at.


New drawings from this weekend. I didn’t get to do yesterday’s prompt yet because I’m a little busy with client work and redesigning my website.

Snow -The rare horned snow fox has become even more scarce. It’s hard to convince one to share it’s magic, it’s easier to simply take its horns.

Dragon -“Don’t be fooled by the fact that it can’t fly…”

Ash -The young phoenix is reborn from the ashes.


Overgrown -It was overgrown and forgotten… but it did not forget.


Legend -The map feels wrong at first, but then you realize you have to convince the legend to help you.


yeah, I’m gonna need these all in a pdf in index card format and paper minis attached to my Garden of the Temple pdf download in DTRPG :wink:


That is a wonderful compliment, haha. I’m not sure if I will put out this Inktober stuff first, or if it will come out after the second Garden of the Temple zine. It depends on how quickly I can get the After the Garden campaign together, verses how complicated I decide to make the Inktober pack. I’m not sure if I should just make a simple asset pack like your talking about, or if I should also include a little bit of story or even an adventure.


Three more! I’m almost caught up (again), but this coming week I’ll be traveling to North Carolina to draw caricatures at the state fair. I’ll try and keep up, but I might fall behind once again.

Wild -“I don’t know what it was, but it was wild…”

ornament -It hung from his neck like an ornament, but it wasn’t there to make himself look better.

Misfit -She hated being called a misfit when she was young, but now she wears it like a badge of honor.


Sling -He carried only a sword and the little one in a sling on his back.


Tread -As you approach all you can see is a pair of feet pining to tread on the grass, but you can’t tell if they had come from on the ground or if they where coming from somewhere else. What do you do?


Treasure -The treasure was supposed to be in this chest, but it’s not clear how it opens.


Ghost -The candle worked to attract the ghost, but will the ghost work as well.


Dude just a tremendous effort. I totally love your style.


Thanks! If you put in enough practice, you can roll magic effort instead of basic effort for drawing. I have been really trying to push myself with this Inktober challenge.


So, is that a DEX roll? Or maybe INT roll?


I would say INT. Drawing is more about being able to visualize, and seeing what something actually looks like.


Ancient -It was ancient, it smelled…it smelled like groping through the dark for a door knob that you know is there, but you just can’t seem to find.


Look at what you have done. You produced amazing art daily, and now I’m having withdrawals. I need a fix!


I’m sorry, haha. I’m working on it. I was drawing caricatures in North Carolina, and there just wasn’t time.


Made this one on the train to North Carolina, but I didn’t get a chance to post it while I was away.

Tasty -It considered everything to be delicious, and it makes everything wonderfully tasty.