Joining the Inktober Challenge



Inspired by these great Inktober posts Inktober greetings! One vtt asset per day and My Inktober Challenge 2019 - One Cursed Loot Per Day!, I’m joining the challenge.

I’m still trying to catch up, but I did the first three yesterday. These are digital, but I’m following the official Inktober prompt list. I don’t know if everyone really wants me to post everything here, but I’m posting them all on Instagram for sure.

Ring -The Ring Shadow should not be trusted.

Mindless -“It wasn’t easy, but we captured one of the mindless.”

Bait -“Oh, it will lure aaaanyyyything…”


Love 'em! Any and all art you wanna share with us is welcome, thanks for sharing :fist_right::fist_left:


These are awesome, Jordan. Please keep posting them in here!


Thanks you two! I’m glad you like what I’m doing. Sometimes I just worry because I don’t want be spamming or something like that.


My biggest interest in this genre is the creation aspect. Minis, enviro pieces, loot cards, backstories, or maps… I cannot get enough of any of it. So, please post as much art, or creative handcraft as you please. I for one will enjoy and appreciate it.


I love your art style dude!


These are fantastic I can’t wait to see the rest. Don’t worry about spamming, I have been doing it all month long already and I haven’t gotten any complaints lol


These are gorgeous! I love seeing your work come up in the forums. :slight_smile:


I love that stuff too! I think I’m going to put them all together in the end and put them up on Drive Thru RPG.


Welcome aboard! Really great artwork here sir!


Still haven’t caught up, but I did get one done today.

Freeze You can try to capture the baby dragon in amber, but it won’t be happy when it gets out.


I love your animated drawing “making of” posts on IG


Yeah, I noticed some other artists I follow posting there time lapse videos with the final, and I loved the idea. I have been trying to do it for pretty much everything I do.


solid work man… solid work


Two more yesterday.

Build -“These crystals are used for making things, but I don’t know what this on is building”

Husky -They told you to look for the husky one, and I think you found him.


I always dig what you got man. You have nice details.:herocoin:


I’m caught up, at last for now.

Enchanted -The enchanted key could unlock itself, and in doing so open the vast space between freedom and captivity.

Frail -The poor creature wouldn’t last long… it’ll need a new host.

Swing -Whatever this creature was, it could really swing a sword.


Love the illustration for Frail!


Pattern -The dark queen was so brazen about her pattern of violence she whore it on her gown.


Man, the art paired with the captions are incredibly evocative. I’m getting some Dark Souls lore vibe going on here!