JH Illos Creature ICRPG Mode, November... ponderings in progress


I’m still working on an ICRPG conversion. But here are the monsters from my latest Creature Feature. These particular pics are taken from my Instagram feed, so they’re a bit spammy. But, I think they catch the spirit of the creatures pretty well.

You guys can grab one of them as a PWYW mini design here right now:

The write ups and other stuff for the all of them is likely to be out soon.

Also, just to float this by you guys. The ICRPG versions I have dabbled in have quickly become one of my most active product lines over on DriveThru. What would you guys say to backing a full zine conversion on IndieGoGo? Most of the zine formats I’ve done are between 13 and 16 monsters at 4 pages per creature. More than 16 might make DIY printing and binding difficult. Who might be interested in that sort of thing? If you noodle around on my YouTube page you can see some examples of my zines assembled.



Nice artwork. Thanks for feeding my nightmares. :slight_smile:


These are some very cool creations! :skull:


I’m confused by the logic. Stuff is selling well on drivethrurpg, just continue to release stuff there.

As for printing drivethrurpg does have a print on demand book service.


In my year of experience using crowdfunding campaigns, they usually generate more interest. I dunno why that is, but it is. After the campaign I post them to DriveThru and all backers can get their PDF there. As of now I have a pool of 90 or so monsters to convert from. I was thinking of turning the stuff already on DriveThru into full zines of 16 monsters, instead of just 4. And, those that are backing the campaign can vote on what monsters get in.


Ok I can see your reasoning, I guess I’m thinking that if you already think you are making good sales of ICRPG stuff without a campaign, why dip into that well.
Something to consider is that for your 5e stuff you need that added exposure whereas there is much less content fighting for people’s dollars in ICRPG.

I like you art and I think you could have a good product.


Thanks. Yeah, I was thinking IndieGoGo with a low funding goal. Possibly just $69 or something like that. And then, as I mentioned, use the full zine as an upgrade to one of the 4 monster PDFs already on DriveThru. I think the process of voting for which monsters get in will generate some buzz which will boost my brand a bit.


Yeah give it a go, might as well.


How many of you are cool with the idea of Advantage/Disadvantage appearing in a monster statblock?


No at all cool if you are specifically creating these as ICRPG versions.


You may want to use EASY or HARD rather than advantage/disadvantage to stick with the ICRPG set up.