Jewel of the Monkey God- OZ Friendly time (3/4)


GWho: 4 Heroes needed, beginner friendly (1 seat left)
What: Warpshell Heroes from Core 2e- 8 Points, +Bio-form Bonus, Standard Starting Gear, 1 Additional Milestone
When: Saturday, July 25th at 2pm AEST for Australia or Friday, July 24th at 9pm PDT for US.
Where: Roll20

Your Warpshell blinks out of the slipstream in orbit around a small jungle moon. A console flashes to life with an unknown signal from a structure on the moon’s surface. Scans show several husks of crashed ships surrounding the signal’s origin.
The Warpshell feeds odd symbols across the screen, they translate to:
…unidentified entity detected
…exterminate if necessary
…end transmission


Baah finally a game I could attend and WE’RE MOVING. Gods damnit.


Oh man. Bummer, but also congrats on the move! I’ll definitely get a game up that’s in line for your time zone in the future. After you’re all moved in of course.


So far there’s 2 brave heroes for this game. We’ve got 2 open seats still.
We’re all set to run as is, but if you’ve got the time we’d be happy to roll dice with you!