Hello people!!
A new map has been created. Use it as you wish, add some cities/town/countries and play with it.

Map 01 - Nameless Region
(Thanks to @Kindred for the clean version that for X reason I can’t add in the post?)

Map 02 - Zoriam


Dude, you’re rocking it on that cell phone! The only feedback I would have would be that the forest areas may look a little too dense in spots. Darkening the line/border around the whole map may help it pop out a little more. However, I’m not sure how easy that can be done on a phone. It’s still a very usable map as is!


Actually I made it by hand, on paper and only used the cellphone to scan it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. That’s why there are some darker spots. My hand is killing me. The woods… They broke me, man… :scream:


nice map. keep drawing!


For feedback, it looks great! So great, I will probably use it eventually lol. As long as you don’t mind @Angram091, I’ll post this copy here. I just darkened edge lines a little bit, edited out some of the color smudges (mainly in foresty areas), and removed any water lines that were cropped off by the paper size. Your art is fantastic, I just did that so it printed cleaner for my own use. Thanks for the map!


It’s your map now!! :+1::grin:


Looks good. Is this your first attempt at this type of map? Seems better than anything I could do. Which is one reason I use published campaign worlds. How long did this take you to do? Did you start with pencil outlines? Did you use beans to get a starting point?

Thank you for sharing.



Hmm, it’s the first map I ever finished, though not the first time I tried to do one. I guess it took me between 6-7 hours in two days. Didn’t count the time :sweat_smile:
I began with a pencil outline, followed up some tutorials for the terrain and finally use a fine pen over it.
I find the tutorials from this page really useful,


that site looks quite interessting


Thanks for sharing the tips and tricks link. I will be creating maps for my current campaign


A new map was added and the other is now missing?