Inventory slots



I can’t find in the book where it says what the recommended about of inventory slot is.

I know that 10 “equipped” gear slots is usual. But what about a characters inventory an a whole?

What do you gentleman do in your games as far as the amount of inventory/equipped item slots?


I’ve interpreted as being up to 10 equipped out of a 20 total, with any non-equippable (is that a word?) counting towards that carried total. So technically if you have 5 equipped pieces of gear, technically the other 15 slots could theoretically go towards inventory. Once you run out of any one of those, there’s a new slot that may be filled with whichever category.

BIG CAVEAT: Of course, I’m super new and highly inexperienced in ICRPG, so I’m only writing this in the hopes someone more experienced can set us both right! :rofl:


That is the kinda what I was thinking.

But, I kinda like the idea of letting my players carry anything they can fit on the lower half of their character sheet. Keeping the equipped item limit at 10.

With some items being smaller and others more intricate, I feel like it makes sense.

So more intricate items would take up more text/inventory space.


In our FF campaign I’ve done it like this

With specific Equip Slots and then 10 Carried. Only special Loot or Mounts and other stuff can increase the Carried amount or add additional Equip Slots


That sheet looks so cool! So many great memories of Final Fantasy Tactics are flooding in.


I think that the inventory is supposed to be 10/10 with equipped and unequipped items totaling 20 in all.

That wouldn’t be incredibly hard to change though; and in some cases may not work well.

Like Magnus’ sheet some settings you do might be vastly different. You may even completely change how it works on a campaign to campaign basis.


10 equipped — 10 carried. Armor caps out at (+10). As a player, I find myself saying, “does that sound reasonable?”

Just because I can carry a crossbow, a small chest, a spear, a great sword, a spell book, and five more pieces of gear while wielding a shield and a hammer, a cloak, armor, fancy boots, three rings, and a medallion… doesn’t mean I will!

You should find that players are reasonable in ICRPG and lean more toward the ‘self-nerf’ than the policed.


Grump has it perfectly right.
Ronaldo’s backwagon is a GREAT item…


And don’t forget little and big Backpacks, some pouches, the mule and the cart, etc, etc