Inktober greetings! One vtt asset per day



Day 12: I have been working on set dressing and NPCs here for going on 6 hours now… my brain feels fried,but it is after midnight, and i just wrapped up some work. so here is my next installment… well it’s actually another twofer. here are a couple of town guards i came up with. i feel like they each have a distinct personality and will wind up in the fantasy equivalent of a buddy cop movie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve been pondering this for my own challenge, I kind of feel like I have to continue with the techniques that I have set to keep things consistent as a group. I agree with @Chaologic, you have a good grasp of variation on a theme, everything feels like it belongs together.


I think your work is great man. Your theme is super strong too since you are doing the LOOT. This also adds a lot of variation with the uniqueness of each item. The art techniques you are doing look great and give a cohesive look to everything. I think you’re doing some awesome work.


Thanks man, I have been working hard on the challenge! Good to work along side of your challenge!


Day 13: The Spookiest Day of all. Here are a few back logged enemies to tide us over for the coming of all hallows eve. As well as a fresh drawing to keep with tradition! Hopefully my enemy theme will become very clear with this dump of a few pictures.

and finally, the fresh drawing


Day 14: Alright, I will level with you guys… At this point i might be going a little crazy… It is just past midnight out here in the Rockies and I finished the last bits of my next drawing(s)…Today I will provide all of you lumpy heads with not 1… not 2… not even 3… but 11 pictures! Yes that is right… ELEVEN!

The caveat here is that they are basically the same thing, just scaled back a bit each time. I wanted a more ICRPG way to represent effort than just taking a die and counting it down… Now you all have access to a real heart!.. well… not really real… that would be gross… and messy.

Anyway, in roll 20 you can make a rollable table and assign tokens to it, so now you too can count down (or up for that matter) your effort with a table. All you gotta do is paste these bad boys right in there and you can make your very own slide-able scale


This is a great idea! I haven’t setup a table on Roll20 yet so this will give me a chance to experiment.


it is pretty straight forward once you figure out how to do it…but the instructions on the roll 20 site were a little bit confusing, so it took me a bit to get the hang of it. if you need help to set it up let me know, id be happy to help.


Day 15: after about half a month dedicating my spare time to this art challenge i finally had to take some me time lol. i went on a hike, and i feel like it actually energized me to bust some more art out. Here is a particularly gruesome prop that i came up with for my upcoming game… the Lord’s Throne!


Love the throne, nice and spiky!


Day 16: Man, this is getting a little tough actually… finding the time to sit down and draw takes away from other options for my free time, but i ain’t shook. im just gonna keep on rollin. here we go. here is another background for my upcoming game. it has been rough trying to make all these assets for a side scroller game, but it has also been really fun, and has shown me what i am capable of if i really put my mind to it. i also feel like i have pushed my artistic capabilities and found where i was lacking. it feels good to know where i need to put in reps so i can always be getting better.


Heck yes! The push of the challenge really makes you dig deep. Awesome work.


Day 17: I am finally done with my Nobility of the rope stuff… or at least, anything interesting enough to post here. I decided to do something a little bit more fun and made up a token for my character in @Wildstar 's Vigilante City campaign. Meet “The Kid” (new nickname pending). His power is his imagination… if he points his finger at you and says Bang! you get shot. He also has an apparently stubborn and mildly unhelpful Imaginary Friend named Willis (failed a bunch of times in a row when trying to summon him lol). He likes to dress up in a costume that a kid would pretend to be a Super hero in (goggles, cape, Cool leather jacket, and the rest is just regular clothes). It has been fun playing VC and if you havent tried it out yet i highly recommend giving it a shot.


Says “the kid” … Bang!


Day 18: I’m goin back to my roots… Skelemen and puns… super simple, super fun. Everyone meet Dustin Bones, the skeletal Bard!


Day 19: Since i have been working on character tokens and enemies for my homebrew world i decided that i would start expanding on it a bit, by doing some more character work for some of the cultures i havent covered yet. This here is a Jinshuu (the dragon folks of my world) monk, they are inspired by ancient chinese and some other asian cultures.


I’m digging this Jinshuu, probably a type of character that I would want to play!


Well, there will definitely be more games in the future, you’re more than welcome to join my table anytime!


Day 20: Today is the Deadline for the Community Collab Halloween Dungeon hosted by the fabulous @KaneDriscol and i am trying to get some final pieces of art finished so that we will have a fully rounded out and cool looking product. This project was an absolute joy to be a part of and working with you other fine lumpy heads has been great. I truly hope to see more/ be a part of community collabs in the future. For now, here is our main villain Allistar Guilfoyle, at least when he is traipsing around as a human that is! Hopefully i will get his wife Tabita finished here shortly so we can have a matching set.


Here is Allistar’s wife Tabita. I can’t wait to see this Community Dungeon project get published.