INDEX CARDS for distance



I just came across this random blog post about how to use index cards for miniature distances.

Seems like a good fit for ICRPG. :wink:

A comment in there about how index card rpg uses bananas. Made me laugh. Love the crayola texta too!


I really like that idea. Really puts the “Index Card” into Index Card RPG! Now I would like some templates and/or things to prints on them from the community. Please. :flushed:


Draw some bananas on those index cards and you have something magical!


I’m genuinely stunned this never occurred to me before. Ingenious!


‘Still life of a measuring banana’, the mediums are crayola texta on index card.


Good discussion! I love the idea of Index Cards holding a more prominent role at the table.

I know there is talk of using Pencils, I use a 6in ruler if I’m playing at “The entire table is a Room” scale. Most of the time I use single block Legos and each Index Card represents a different Range rather than using Index Cards like a ruler.

A Single Colored Lego Block (1x1) is a Character
Each Index Card is about a Room Size

  1. Legos Touching = CLOSE
  2. Same Index Card = NEAR
  3. Next/Connecting Imdex Card = FAR
  4. Two Index Cards Away = DISTANT

Since ICRPG fits on the GAME side of the Game/Simulation spectrum I find that it works pretty well most of the time.


No way. First game I ever did I gave everyone an index card with a huge arrow running the length of it and it said “you can move about this far”


I use a large rubber eraser for CLOSE, the length of a pencil for NEAR, and double the length of a pencil for FAR. Anything else is out of range.

I am certain using an index card instead of a pencil would be just a conveniant, especially for a smaller map or table… 3 inch side is CLOSE, 5 inch side is NEAR, length of two index cards is FAR… easy peasy!

Game On!