Index Card Template?


Say I wanted to create my own index cards, 4 to a sheet. Is there a template I can use for that?


I’ve not seen one, but you could pull from the ICRPG Volume 1 thru 4 to make your own.

Or maybe just divide a sheet of 8.5x11 into quarters


Yeah, that would probably work. I’m looking to put together a set of urban noir/dark fantasy cards, just for personal use. I’m not sure where to find the art. I also wonder if the ICRPG border style exists somewhere, but those lines could be drawn easily enough.


There is a template for the pages with the border. I think the forum post is called Adventure Template. On mobile otherwise I’d find and post as link for you.


Found it, thank you. That is also useful. I was referring to the card border - just some black lines at right angles - not the page border.