Index card maps & chase sequence


I use my index cards to draw my maps.
I am planning to use them as a 1 heart unit of effort to travel its length in a chase scene.
Ie. An effort rolls a 5 that’s half a card length.
Does anyone else do this or am I on my own?
Just wondered :thinking: really…
What is your opinion please?
Example graphic below…


A clever mechanic and cool drawings.

If a chase is going to occupy more space than my tabletop board, I tend to use a basic skill challenge mechanic, more like the ones introduced in 4e D&D or the very elegant chase mechanic in 7e Call of Cthulhu.

Yours seems simple and effective. Good work.


I have not used effort in that particular way running my games but I can see that it could be effective. However, I have played in a game were effort was used to climb a cliff face and it seemed to work out well, particularly with timers going off at the same time that would introduce obstacles.

I love the art, especially in the standee style! Looks like fun!


Marvellous, I will check out your referenced elements for further reading, appreciate the comments.


Funnily enough I was intending to have a climb using similar mechanic, with a D4 timer of course!
Thanks for the kind comments


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