Guys, I just noticed something strange regarding my print and PDF copies of the Core 2E

My PDF has the Froglodyte monster on page 126. The print version has the Tree of Death on page 126 and while it’s not missing a page (page count is ok), the absence of the froglodyte messed the page positioning from that point on (odds/evens) ‘-’ Is there a story behind the removal of the froglodyte?


If i’m understanding you correctly the book is missing a page? The pdf is a newer version than the book.


Hey man. No, it’s not. The pages on the print version match perfectly the summary and everything else. But the PDF has a page that’s not on the print version: the froglodyte monster. As far as I know (I tried to check everything but I might have missed something) everything else is the same - rules, adventures, world primers… It’s all there.

That was actually my question… I think you’ve answered me when you said the PDF is a newer version. It might have been added later - my print version was bought on Amazon, so it might be an older printing.


yeah the pdf will have been updated since the book was last updated. due to the publishing requirements, the pdf and the book are update seperately.


As a new user, I think the forums work great! The ONLY THING is that links do not open in a new tab… I mean WHY would I want to go away from these amazing forums!?

Seriously, it would be super nice to make links open a new tab.


Just ctrl+click on the link and it will go to a new tab by itself! Cheers!


That is also a setting you can change in your Preference / Interface / Other.


Is there, or could there be a links area - to the Runehammer page, to the Patreon, maybe to drive by?


Perfect!!! Thanks so much!


A dice bot, or something similar, on this forum would be pretty neat!


I think it would be cool if there were a subforum/category where we could offer up our original homebrew monsters (ideally grouped by heart rating) with stat blocks following the examples in the official published sources and GM notes on our experiences running them—kind of a shared resource for all the members looking for new ways to populate their dungeons and other encounters.

Expanding Runehammer

Can we change the Hearts on the forum for Beers? Or Viking axes? XD


You can actually do that: next to the scrolling bar of the thread, at the bottom, there should be a big dot called :red_circle: Tracking. You can click on it and mute the subject! There are other options, too!


I’d love a list of advancement options for when my PC’s are ready to “level up”. I’d love a sheet of options I could give them to pick from. Perhaps a list of feats or skills they could look at. Anyone start something like that?


There are certainly a million options already in ICRPG, including the class abilities themselves, milestones, milestone loot, path progression options, starter rewards, and any of the items from the loot tables. Second edition has a good list for each class.

Altered State has a good framework for leveling up, along with some nice milestone tags too.

But if you are looking for something in addition to all of those items and lists (almost crazy to me), you might take a look at Khan’s Spells and Feats, a third party product but one with a zillion more “things” you could look at.


How can I create a post? Please help.

I’m new here and I got the message that all new user restrictions have now been lifted but I cannot find the button for creating a topic. I only found the reply buttons, which is why I’m writing this here. I read that the new topic button should be somewhere on the top left but there is nothing there. I’m on Windows and I tried Chrome and Edge browsers.


We may just need to ping @Alex who can help get that sorted for you :smiley:


Hey @edwinst, you should be good to go now. Sorry about the frustration, but we have been cracking down on spambots for a bit. Welcome to the shieldwall!!!


Id love to see a mobile app for the game so tracking a character sheet was just point and click ,but it would take away from the awesome feel of pen and paper


It would be cool to have CHA based spells