I would love to see the tab (Unread) or (New) at the top of every thread so I can navigate between them more easily! Please! :smiley:


I think it would be grand if there was a sub forum for things that where for sale!

There seems to be bad blood when people are advertising something cool, and there is no free option. Also when the link is obviously a sales pitch. If there was a for sale (rpg related only) section, we’d have less to be bothered by it…or it could be moved there.

Kickstarters, driveThru, stuff at dollar tree!!!


I would like a submission form for art, both visual arts and writing for a community periodical.

This would need to include a flexible usage rights statement. And a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

Type licensing, or something similar. With explicit rights for the runehammer forums to publish it in a package with other submissions for free.

Allowing adventures and visual art concepts to be mixed and distributed for play with ICRPG or other concepts that are unforeseen by me at the time of this writing.


A new category for RPG Mainframe. That or an official post each week for us to discuss! :smiley:


Hey Paxx, what’s up? How did the idea for a community periodical turned out? Did it happen? Are you still compiling this stuff?


Went over like a lead balloon. So no compilation.

Active permission asking and such had few responses. Most who responded where all for it.


That blows, man. But hey, if you ever get to the point where it becomes feasible to try again and you see my name in anything you`d like to put there, consider this my enthusiastic ~yes~ to save time :slight_smile:


Guys, I just noticed something strange regarding my print and PDF copies of the Core 2E

My PDF has the Froglodyte monster on page 126. The print version has the Tree of Death on page 126 and while it’s not missing a page (page count is ok), the absence of the froglodyte messed the page positioning from that point on (odds/evens) ‘-’ Is there a story behind the removal of the froglodyte?


If i’m understanding you correctly the book is missing a page? The pdf is a newer version than the book.


Hey man. No, it’s not. The pages on the print version match perfectly the summary and everything else. But the PDF has a page that’s not on the print version: the froglodyte monster. As far as I know (I tried to check everything but I might have missed something) everything else is the same - rules, adventures, world primers… It’s all there.

That was actually my question… I think you’ve answered me when you said the PDF is a newer version. It might have been added later - my print version was bought on Amazon, so it might be an older printing.


yeah the pdf will have been updated since the book was last updated. due to the publishing requirements, the pdf and the book are update seperately.


As a new user, I think the forums work great! The ONLY THING is that links do not open in a new tab… I mean WHY would I want to go away from these amazing forums!?

Seriously, it would be super nice to make links open a new tab.


Just ctrl+click on the link and it will go to a new tab by itself! Cheers!


That is also a setting you can change in your Preference / Interface / Other.


Is there, or could there be a links area - to the Runehammer page, to the Patreon, maybe to drive by?


Perfect!!! Thanks so much!


A dice bot, or something similar, on this forum would be pretty neat!


I think it would be cool if there were a subforum/category where we could offer up our original homebrew monsters (ideally grouped by heart rating) with stat blocks following the examples in the official published sources and GM notes on our experiences running them—kind of a shared resource for all the members looking for new ways to populate their dungeons and other encounters.

Expanding Runehammer

Can we change the Hearts on the forum for Beers? Or Viking axes? XD


You can actually do that: next to the scrolling bar of the thread, at the bottom, there should be a big dot called :red_circle: Tracking. You can click on it and mute the subject! There are other options, too!