Idea for Re-Designed Core Attributes (BitD inspired)



Was reading again through everyone’s suggestions.

For Prowess you have the four Actions: Sneak, Dodge, Fight & Aim.
For Defending someone, Move at a run or Lift a heavy item those could be part of the Prowess Attribute itself, not as Actions. If you use Save rolls I’d add them here.

These items would benefit only from the First point in each of the four Actions. Example:

Tom has 3 points in Fight and none in the others. For Defend he has only 1 point. A skilled fighter but not very versatile.

Jane has 2 points in Fight and 1 point in Dodge. Jane would have 2 points to use in Defend.

Fritz has 1 point in Dodge, Aim and Sneak. For Defend Fritz has 3 points! So for Lift, is he strong or savvy enough to grab a thick limb for leverage?

For Defend, Move and a Save I like this. For Lift it maybe a bit “weak”.

This would encourage players who like to use other “Actions/Skills” to diversify. Using the same idea would work if you wanted to make Save Rolls and not have them as Actions.

The Blades in the Dark might address this but I didn’t notice it in Scum and Villainy with a quick look.


This looks really nice and something. I would use for sure.


Dodge should never be an always available ability. Unless you want everyone at the table to hate everyone else, I highly recommend that you remove dodge.


I second this! This introduces an additional mechanic that will not improve game play in my opinion.


Not disagreeing to that. Was using what was presented.

My game is Space based. My choices are of a different flavor (still working on my spicing).

For Prowess I will be calling Body. My four choices at the moment:
Helm (pilot and ship systems)
Scrap (fight)
Skulk (stealth & thief actions)
Aim (I still like separation of Fight from Shoot).

Having seen the Ironsworn five Attributes I will give it a good look. These have a better feel for dividing a PCs abilities into clearer choice.
Edge - Agility
Heart - Will, Social
Iron - Physical
Shadow - Sneak
Wits - knowledge

Just another idea to play with.


Yep. Dodge is just one of those things that seems cool in practice, but if it is unlimited, it can ruin everyone’s fun. I was just pointing it out because it was in the list. Everything else is fine.


I like it (disclaimer; I also brought this concept up recently). I really like what you have here. I like the process you put into it as well, how you described it here, well done.

Thinking of the players at my table this covers probably 90% of the things that they do, and do often. I briefly read through some of the other comments and critiques; all good stuff (though I do get tired of the reduction arguement…it is valid, but neglects the reason some of us keep coming back to this).

My big suggestion, if it hasn’t been brought up yet, playtest. Actually implementing this is gonna be the best way to see what works and what doesn’t, what is intuitive and what is hard to parse, and importantly what gets used when and how often.

Ultimately, do what you like and what works for you, and keep sharing cause this is good stuff.


Been refining (expanding) my ideas for a science fiction game character design.
Appreciate material presented by Midnight and everyone’s thoughts on that material and a bit on mine.
“Scum and Villainy” is a book providing influence in designing but I will use this in ICRPG system.
The ideas and comments shared at Runehammer have been insightful and inspiring.
I welcome your comments.

Attributes and Actions/Skills

Smart (Notice, only the first column is added for this.)
O | O O O Medical (include chemical and Aliens as discovered)
O | O O O Hack (Computers)
O | O O O Rig (Mechanic)
O | O O O Science (planetary science, astrophysics, etc.)

Body (Lift & Climb, only the first column is added for this.)
O | O O O Scrap
O | O O O Intimidate
O | O O O AC (I’m mixed on this but I do have a player who likes it.)
O | O O O Health (constitution for bonus on poison, environmental and death saves)

Move (Run, only the first column is added for this.)
O | O O O Helm
O | O O O Aim
O | O O O Stealth
O | O O O Skulk (Scoundrel, Rogue, Spy skills)

Spirit/Character/Personality (Will, only the first column is added for this.)
O | O O O Attune/Paranormal (Psychic/Force/Magic)
O | O O O Influence
O | O O O Sense Motive
O | O O O Appearance

I’ve been a Player, GM and Lurker for decades but only recently begun to share on forums.
Huge Thanks to Hank for ICRPG! As a GM I find the system; quick, simple and agile in play. My players and I are delighting in games where we move a story along at a fast pace including the battles.