ICVTT is Here!



Hey Everyone! Great News! The new Index Card Virtual Tabletop is up and running!

Check it out here: https://icvtt.net/

If you didn’t see @glocke’s early announcement, the Runehammer VTT is transforming into the ICVTT! It’s still the same, simple VTT that is free and community-supported but with a few alterations. Things like new art and a fancy Google Login, instead of Patreon.

If you are still building games in RHVTT, we just want to remind you that on Oct 4th, the server will be shut down, but never fear! You can easily export and import your games to the new VTT with the same process as described in the RHVTT Feature Guide.

And finally, because this is a community project, any issues or questions can be reported in the ICRPG Community Discord Server. Hope to see you there!

Pumpkin Circus One-Shot (Alfheim) - Halloween inspired adventure
Pumpkin Circus One-Shot (Alfheim) - Halloween inspired adventure

Awesome news! Looking forward to trying this out! Thanks to all those involved for all the hard work you do to make dope stuff like this!!!