Here is my down and dirty ICRPG - WW2 hack. I have only play tested it a couple of times but I think it is good enough to share. I hope it inspires you to play or create your own.


As a reference to my post yesterday: First Play Test of my ICRPG WW2 hack

Crafting for WW2
WW2 Normandy cards
Ashen Company Adventures

Really nicely done! I LOVE the character sheet!!!



And another possibility of a time-line to drop a Warp Shell into…


Ooh. I like that! Good thinking


Could you give us comment access on it? We can add some suggestions inline then?


Awesome Thanks! Got a few ideas for some one shots with this for when the normal group isnt available.


Thanks! That’s a great idea.

I am going to be playing it at work with some friends. Then I plan on introducing Rasputin like in Hellboy. He will open a portals and send them back in time to a mid evil time. As their bullets run out they will have to become Alfhiem warriors and figure out how to get back to 1944. They might meet a wizard to help them and/or defeat a Rasputin of that age.


That is just super hot stuff!!


I read your original WW2 hack PDF, and I think it is brilliant. Thank you for sharing it.

I have been working on a WWII-inspired adventure/campaign setting recently as a way to use and further test some of my gunplay rules—think ICRPG meets Call of Duty—and the only historical WWII setting stuff specific to the system I had seen to date was the very detailed aircraft content in White Knuckle Skies.

What I’ve been working on involves European Theater infantry missions, small arms, and small unit tactics. Your pioneering work is inspiring, and it is very much appreciated.



I freaking LOVE this hack, one of my favorites ever here in the forums! I had seen it before but thanks for making it available again :smile:


Oh. I heard the author of White Knuckle Skies is kinda embarrassed by the final result of the product… I mean, it could be much better. I’m sure there’ll be v.2.0 someday and it will be better :wink:


I think White Knuckle Skies is totally cool. :+1:

The amount of hard work you put into it just in research alone is clear. I was impressed.

Creating fun, playable real-world historical stuff is HARD! I’m finding this out first hand, but I hope some day to add my own WW2 contribution to the Runiverse. You guys are an inspiration…