Here is my down and dirty ICRPG - WW2 hack. I have only play tested it a couple of times but I think it is good enough to share. I hope it inspires you to play or create your own.


As a reference to my post yesterday: First Play Test of my ICRPG WW2 hack

Crafting for WW2

Really nicely done! I LOVE the character sheet!!!



And another possibility of a time-line to drop a Warp Shell into…


Ooh. I like that! Good thinking


Could you give us comment access on it? We can add some suggestions inline then?


Awesome Thanks! Got a few ideas for some one shots with this for when the normal group isnt available.


Thanks! That’s a great idea.

I am going to be playing it at work with some friends. Then I plan on introducing Rasputin like in Hellboy. He will open a portals and send them back in time to a mid evil time. As their bullets run out they will have to become Alfhiem warriors and figure out how to get back to 1944. They might meet a wizard to help them and/or defeat a Rasputin of that age.


That is just super hot stuff!!