Alright ladies and gentlemen, I am requesting your help, looking for your ideas and generally interested in doing a group collaboration on Vampires.

How would you build it, what skills would it have. How would you make it unique to ICRPG.

Your ideas will be used on the murder hobo show podcast.

Lets see what you got :slight_smile:


I like my Vampires terrifying. So here’s the only power they would see in the first encounter…

One Long Last Lingering Gaze - Target must pass an Opposed CHA check or enter a childlike trance state wherein they cut themselves in such a way as to create slow but continuous bleeding. Although they are not yet technically dead, the Target must roll DYING Timer, adding their current HP to that countdown, and begin rolling each round in desperate hope of a natural 20 to break the trance.

The Target will lose 1 HP per Round (stopping at Zero) and then still has the remaining DYING Timer to keep trying to roll a Natural 20 and break free of the trance. If they do not, at the end of the countdown they are dead.

Other characters who attempt to stabilize will realize that even though bleeding has stopped, the Target is still losing HP and dying. The death will only be avoided by breaking the trance, and the trance can only be broken by a natural 20 roll by the Target or someone focused on nothing other than helping them break the trance.

Note that once the vamp has locked eyes with the Target, the spell remains in effect even as the vampire removes himself to a position of safety. (Which would provide the nice dilemma of “give chase or give aid”).


Here is my go to Vampire Queen that I never got to run for the group before the campaign ended


This vampire is monstrous and subtle. Perfect!

Makes them seem like a force of nature instead of a monster to be defeated.


Man that is solid! Very cool


Been working on this, maself! After some consideration, one of the bigger challenges was the passage of time. Vampires are ancient and live for centuries, feuding, setting complex plans in motion, then letting the gears run for decades. It was realllly important to me that this be meaninfully manifest through mechanics, this building of the machine of your legacy, then winding it up and letting it go. I’ve been looking to Blades in the Dark and Undying (PbTA) for a lot of inspiration in a few key areas: Factions, clocks, broader-reaching Fortune rolls, blood as units of power, maintaining humanity, the rhythm of “zooming in/out” between phases. I see three “zoom” levels:

1.) Chunks of weeks or months where players choose ways in which they build and consolidate their own power, begin alliances, and develop their legacies.
2.) The moment-to-moment where crucial decisions are made, where vampires chase their quarry, or other world- and character-developing activities.
3.) Spans of whole generations where the machine of your design runs, determined by Fortune rolls (taken from Blades) where dice rolls determine the effect of the plans set in motion. Rolls are augmented by choices and results occuring in 1 and 2. The GM interprets these results, shares the span of time that occurred, and sets the stage for the next “round”.

I’d also borrow Crew development from Blades (with “Crew” being replaced with “Clan” or “Family”), showing paths for how to increase your clan’s power.

Obviously this is just a skeleton, but the premise of seeing the progress from your origin (when you turned) to establishing power, playing by a different set of rules as the human world changes through conflicts, trade, the Rennaissance, the Industrial revolution, across countries and continents, etc., is immensely satisfying to me (it was why I was fascinated by “Interview with a Vampire”).


Now that’s a vampire!