ICRPG system for Foundry VTT



In case there are any other Foundry VTT users out there, I developed a game system (i.e. plug-in) for it to allow easy creation and management of ICRPG character sheets, NPC sheets and items.

Foundry VTT users now have no excuses anymore to not be playing ICRPG!

For detailed information about features, installation and usage, visit this blog post.

Note that I acquired Hankerin’s permission to make this available to the Foundry VTT community.


You Sir, you are a hero. I’ve been looking forward to this, I didnt found anything and finally I started to create my own system in foundry but yours it is so polished and clean… Well done and thank you.


Just a quick question, do you know how to add the constitution modifier to the death roll? it is a homebrew rule we use and I cannot find the line in the code. Thank you in advance.


Thank you! @TomCosaert I was trying to mod the simple world system. This is a life saver!


Seems very nice. Too bad Foundry is hella expensive.


To the d6 death roll? So it takes more turns before the character dies?
For that you’ll want to change line 121 of templates/actor/character-sheet.html where it says data-roll='1d6' into data-roll='1d6+{{data.stats.con.value}}'. However, take care when updating the game system, as your customization will get overwritten.
Is this a widespread homebrew rule being applied? If so, I could add a configuration option for that when I get around to implementing those in one of the next versions.


That works perfect, thank you.
As far I know it is not a widespread rule. I use it in my games to give it more importance to the constitution stat and I find it makes sense, heaviest and tankiest players die harder.
I am aware to that in future updates, I have translated the character sheet into spanish and I think that would be lost also.
Any chance of getting the possibility of making rolls from the item sheets in the future?

Again, superb work. :tada:


I’ve never used Foundry, but this is awesome. Well done, man.


Hi :grinning:

Just wanted to say awesome job on making this available on Foundry. :100:

Just wanted to ask if any updates are planned and if so you could make a box below the “hero coin, dying,revive” part of the player sheet and make it so that shows all equipped items items. I can’t code .json so don’t know how hard I would be.

Just a idea to make something awesome even better :laughing:.


Hey all, new to the community, and I have some updates. I’m working with Enso to bring Tom’s work up to speed and add some more functionality.

We are currently working on the following major updates:

  1. Adding more item types: Weapons, Armor, Spells, Abilities and Containers. Weapons and Armor will have an optional “durability” for items that can render them ineffective if they take enough wear & tear.(see Optional items below)
  2. Adding a “Global DC” that rolls will automagically use as the target (unless the GM selects otherwise, see Optional items below)
  3. Active Effects: so Loot and other items can automatically update stats
  4. Adding Stun Points to the default character sheet
  5. Adding Optional support for the advanced Magic system in the ICRPG_Magic supplement, including
    -Alternate spell cost (HP vs Stun Points)
    -Types/Schools of Magic, with support for both type AND spell mastery
  6. Adding a series of Optional items for the GM to choose
    -Use NPC specific DCs instead of a Global DC
    -Enable/disable Advanced Magic
    -Enable/disable Item durability
    -Enable/disable individual spell mastery

Work is currently ongoing. If there’s interest, I’ll keep this channel up to date. I will also need to re-confirm with Hank that he’s ok with this being publicly released, once it’s done. Just figured I’d want folks to know that FoundryVTT is soon going to be a fantastic alternative for hosting ICRPG games.


Oh, and basic combat automation (attack rolls/spell rolls are target aware and will automatically apply effects/damage/healing to the selected target)


Damn, I have no words for how thankful I am. Foundry is my VTT of choice. Take all my hero coins!
Thank you!


I’m new to ICRPG, but have been using Foundry VTT for other systems since the beginning so I’m also very excited for this update.


Thanks a ton for this, was just browsing Foundry game systems and saw this there. Even at its current state its a boon.


Awesome! It has been less than pleasant trying to use the old game system on V9. Will the update be applied to the currently existing game system when its finished? So excited!


Wow. Been a while since I posted an update.
The initial design requirements that Enso and I came up with were:

Ask List:

  1. Active Effects Integration:
    -Ability to modify actor features (stats, health, defense) though Active Effects
    -Ability to associate Active Effects with Actors and Items
    -Interface to add Active Effects

  2. More item types:
    -Weapons, Armor, Spell, Abilities, Containers item types
    -Weapons and Armor should have their own Durability (Health)
    -Armor should have a Defense value that modifies the actors Defense score when equipped.
    -Spells, Abilities, and items have have an additional OPTIONAL Mastery attribute
    -Containers should be able to contain other items (Including Spells)
    -Support for 3 core spell types (Holy, Infernal, Arcane)
    -Support for 12 advanced core spell types (from the Magic supplement)
    -Ability to defined new spell types
    -Added Stun Points to the Character sheet

  3. Scene Target (Global DC):
    -A global variable that holds a value from 1-99
    -Skill checks, Attribute Checks, Spell Checks and Attack Rolls should all go against that Scene Target.
    -The ability to modify that value at any time

  • A large, movable d20 that reflects the Scene Target number.
  1. OPTIONAL SYSTEM RULES (set in the System Features menu) -
    -Allow a DM to have Attack and Spell rolls use an NPCs individual Defense instead of the Global DC
    -Disable Item Durability
    -Disable Spell Mastery
    -Disable Feature Mastery
    -Toggle between Core Rulebook Magic and Advanced Magic

  2. Animations

  • Support for Automated Animations and Sequencer

I can report that almost everything is done and working. We still have to enable the toggle for Advanced Magic, allow the disable of Spell Mastery, Item Durability, and Feature Mastery and get the Animation working. We also have to add both the 12 advanced Spell Types and the ability to add custom spell types.
I have to add a Compendium with details on how to use the Active Effects with the data model.

We still haven’t been able to get in touch with Tom to take ownership of the official project, but once we’re ready, which should be VERY soon, I’ll post the manifest link here and in the Discord while we go through the official process to take over support.


Oh, and forgot, we enabled target awareness. e.g. when you roll a spell or weapon attack, it automatically checks either the Scene Target (or the target’s Defense if that option is enabled) and, if the roll is a hit, automatically applies damage, active effects or healing to the target.


We still haven’t been able to get in touch with Tom…

You just did! :wink:

Great stuff @Dan_Weiss and Enso! :+1:

Send me a PM on this forum with your Foundry VTT account and I’ll arrange a package ownership transfer with them to that account.


I’m working on coordinating the changes to the README with Enso (who’s hosting the repo), but it’s ready for you all.

While I update the official link in Foundry, here’s the Manifest you can use: https://github.com/jessev14/FoundryVTT-ICRPG/raw/master/system.json

I’m working on documentation that describes the data models for using Active Effects. Will include that in a Compendium in the next release and will post up here in a few with some quick tips.

And here are the notes:

ICRPG 3.0.3 Release Notes:

Tested against Foundry v9.249

Manifest: https://github.com/jessev14/FoundryVTT-ICRPG/raw/master/system.json

This is a significant update to the core functionality of ICRPG. Special thanks to Enso who did all of the heavy lifting in coding. You can support him at https://ko-fi.com/jessev14


1. Active Effects Integration:

  • Ability to modify actor and item features (e.g. stats, health, defense) though Active Effects
  • Ability to associate Active Effects with Actors and Items
  • Interface to add Active Effects

2. More item types:

  • Weapons, Armor, Spell, Ability
  • Weapons have OPTIONAL Durability and Mastery scores. When a weapon has 0 Durability, attempting to attack with it will produce an error message.
  • Armor has a Defense value that modifies the actor’s Defense score when equipped. Armor also has OPTIONAL Durability and Mastery scores. When that durability hits 0, the armor provides no Defense benefit.
  • Item, Weapon, and Armor Durability are OPTIONAL rules (See below) and are manually updated in the individual item in the “Loot” tab for each character.
  • Spells have the 3 BASIC spell types (Holy, Infernal, Arcane)
  • Spells also have OPTIONAL spell mastery values that can be updated to track spell-level mastery.
  • Spell and Weapon Effort values can be customized inside each item (e.g. 1d8 instead of 1d6 for weapon effort, etc)
  • Abilities have OPTIONAL mastery values that can be updated to track skill/ability mastery.

3. Global Target:

  • A global variable that holds a value from 1-99
  • Skill checks, Attribute Checks, Spell Checks and Attack Rolls should all go against that Global Variable (Scene Target).
  • The ability to modify that value at any time
  • A large, positionale d20 that reflects the global Target

4. Basic Automation:

  • Players can now target NPCs or other Players
  • Items, Abilities and Spells on the character sheet can now be automatically rolled by clicking the d20 to the left of the item’s name.
  • The skill/item/spell roll will automatically check against the Global Target.
  • If successful, an effort roll pop up will appear. Rolling effort will automatically deduct the result from the target HP.
  • If the “Use NPC Defense” option is enabled (see section 6) the attack will ignore the Global Target and use the NPC or Player’s Defense score.

5. New Character Sheet:

  • New Locked and Unlocked versions of the Character Sheet. Unlocked allows players to manually edit Base, Loot and other fields. Locked uses Armor and Abilities to modify the Loot values (not modifiable directly)
  • Added Stun Points for Core rules Spell Cost

6. Optional System Rules (set in the System Features menu)

  • Allow a DM to have Attack and Spell rolls use an NPCs Defense instead of the Global Target
  • Disable OPTIONAL Item Durability
  • Disable OPTIONAL Spell Mastery
  • Disable OPTIONAL Ability Mastery

In Process:

1. Animations:

  • We are working with some of the mod developers to enable animations

2. Advanced Magic:

  • We are working to add a System Option toggle to enable the Advanced Magic as described in the ICRPG Magic supplement with the 12 types, Optional Spell Costs (HP vs Stun Points)
  • Add the ability to create custom Spell Types

3. Automations:

  • Automatically increase the mastery of an ability, weapon, spell and/or spell type when rolling an Natural 20 (configurable by item type)
  • Automatically apply spell effects to targets (may currently be possible)
  • Add automated Conditions support
  • Add Macro slots to Items, Weapons, Armor, Abilities, and Spells
  • Add Vehicle types


Ping me with bugs and feature requests