ICRPG Super Heroes & Villains


nice. so this will be happening soon… ok thank you for the feed back


Those of you who are kickstarter supporters should have received the news this morning in the update from Bloat Games.

But if you have not heard the news or backed the game … I am OFFICIALLY writing the conversion for VIGILANTE CITY to ICRPG! The conversion should be done in a few more weeks with an expected delivery to KS supporters at the end of May 2019.

I hope you are as excited as I am… (Now its time for me to get back to work!)


um… hell yeah :sunglasses: but i didnt do the kickstarter. so i guess i wont have access to it. that sucks.


Well now its going to be a full blown ICRPG product, very soon.

So you should be able to pick it up from the Drive Thru RPG store!!! Your Welcome!

Game On!


that is awesome Dude… can’t wait


Good news guys, not much longer. The playtest for the New Heroes Book was alot of fun. i cant say anything yet as to the contents, but there is alot of fun Combos… lol