ICRPG Super Heroes & Villains


Some Sample Characters for an ICRPG Super one shot or campaign

Amazing Man - Superhero

STR +10 Weapon +10 Armor 18

Supersonic Flight
Super Strength - weapon damage
Impervious - Ignore 15 damage
Laser vision 1d8
Super senses all perception checks are easy

Weakness- Gold. CON check or reduced to 0 hp

+5 CHA +15 Magic( Energy) Armor 15

CHA power: Radiation blast 1d8
CHA power: radiation sickness Con save or dazed for 1d4 rounds
CHA power: EMP pulse. All electronics nullified for 1d4 rounds

Weakness: Lead. Con save or unconscious for 1d4 rounds


nice. i was hoping someone was working on superheros and mutants


I think you need much more power


This was just a basic build. Would be easier to use Mutants & Masterminds and convert toughness to hearts.


I strongly agree. I’m playing around with ideas using Heroclix or Mutants & Masterminds conversions. Someone did create a Heroclix conversion to ICRPG but I don’t remember where I found it.


any thoughts on a superhero book good sir?


For rules or just inspiration? Mutants & Masterminds is the D&D of Superhero RPG’S. DC Adventures is Awesome. M&M stats for almost every DC character. I love both Marvel and DC for inspiration. I also love the TV series Heroes. Heroclix and Dice Masters are both great games if you love superheroes. :sunglasses:


i have all of the heroes unlimited book for rifts (old school) with hundreds of powers already build with upgrades and roll charts. these are what i use when trying to build new mechanics for icrpg powers.



Savage Worlds has a Super Powers supplement: https://www.peginc.com/store/super-powers-companion-second-edition-le/


lol. i own the first edition palladium rifts books. before they were bought out by savage worlds. they are my babies


I’ve never played RIFTS. I’ve played Marvel Superheros ( TSR), Champions, Marvel Universe, Heroclix, and Mutants&Masterminds. M&M is the best I’ve seen so far.


Rifts looks sweet but I’ve never played it.


Also Bloat Games will be publishing Vigilante City in July 2019 (still a while) but the Kickstarter has unlocked an ICRPG conversion!


I grew up on Rifts. We were rolling D20s before rolling D20s was cool.


I saw this a while ago and thought just from the cover art, that it might be a heros book for icrpg. It looks like Hanks style


Hank did a lot of the art. I backed the Kickstarter specifically for the art.


i thought it looked like his handy work. lol


@Runehammer , @Alex is there any update on if or when this is going to be a reality ???


any update on the icrpg conversion? @Seraphim


According to an email I received yesterday from Kickstarter, there will be an update next week.