My concept for playing icrpg solo. I haven’t tested it much yet. Looking for some input.

First generate you L.O.G.
Next generate your encounter.

Threat: # of monsters = (# of encounters) + (# of characters)
Timer: generate using an Rory’s story cubes or something similar.
Treat: same as above.

Last, generate a skill challenge that will need to be dealt with before you can proceed to the next encounter.

Run encounter using monster Ai, npc AI, and environmental question tool as needed.


After taking time to look at some other solo rpg concepts I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need a solo engine to generate random components of the story being told.

I just need something to handle the mechanics.

With this in mind I have been testing some concepts based off of “One Deck Dungeon.” If I can develop a system of cards consisting of monsters, traps, skill challenges, and loot, all without any kind of theme. Then I think that could be used to generate the mechanics of the adventure to be played. Then the player only has to re-skin what is generated via their roleplaying and imagination.


Great idea. I too intend on using ICRPG to fuel my solitaire play.


Possibly the most interesting concept I stubbled upon is using different behavioral mannerisms to drive NPC interaction. Although, I don’t know how often I’d actually use it.


Cool stuff. I could use this with the Mapless Maze Maker.


I would just draw 6 random cards.
Then, all have TARGET 12.
Roll a character as normal.
Move your mini from card to card, overcoming or combatting its inhabitant or obstacle, recording each step.
Survive to advance and earn rewards.
Repeat until dead.


I feel like I need to try this just once to see what happens.


Let me know how it goes if you do. :+1:


I’ve found that building a solo session similar to how the trials are built works farily well.