I was talking to @Paxx about his d6 obsession and came up with these quick conversion rules for Shadowrun style games… I thought they were a good topic to share, so here they are!



  • 6 points for character creation
  • Each point of ability, effort, or loot, is worth 1d6.
  • Ultimate Effort adds 3 dice to the effort roll.
  • Cap the dice pool at 10 (Gritty) or 12 (Standard) or 15 (Hyper) max.
  • Dice over the limit count as automatic successes.
  • Dice succeed on a 5 or 6.
  • OPTIONAL: 6’s could count as 2 successes thru loot, milestones, abilities, etc.
  • All Magic uses the BURN mechanic. But, if you cast a spell during with the BURN status, you suffer from BURNOUT. Taking BASIC damage with each die result of a 1. (or to make it really deadly, you take BASIC damage for every dice you use in your casting that is a failure. OUCH) Possibly even allow a Spell Caster to “BURNOUT” [lose their powers or a point of MAGIC effort bonus permanently]
    If killed using this method. I would probably allow a roll with attempt/check against it … Maybe.
  • Contacts are LOOT with a rating. They can be lost or gained. You can only gain contacts at creation or during RP in game… you cannot buy additional contacts. (Milestones may say otherwise) Contacts count as a separate “equipment” track with only 10 allowed. For example, Lucas Miles (Gun Runner 1: adds 1 die to rolls for gun info,buying,selling, ammo). If your burn a contact, it reduces its effort rating by one. When the rating is zero, you have expended all uses of this contact. Time to RP to get him/her back, or find another one!
  • OPTIONAL: Use ADVANTAGE rule as +1/-1 additional bonus die to your POOL for environmental, and situational bonuses or penalties. Slippery rain on concrete -1 die pool, Shooting in the dark -1 die pool, etc. etc. etc.
  • EASY rule adds 3 dice to your roll.
  • HARD rules removes 3 dice from your roll.
  • ROOM TARGET become the number of successes you need to perform all tests… Conversion could be the Room Target divided by 3 (round to nearest whole). This may seem low but adding penalties to dice rolls from environment, status, situational, or circumstances could make it really really hard. 3 successes is a TN 10, 5 successes is a TN 15, 7 successes is a TN 20 roll… even harder is you include DISADVANTAGE [-1d] or high ground [-1d] or slippery road [-1d] or outnumbered [-1d]…etc.
  • Cybernetics are LOOT. Limited to number of Essence points. You can spend creation points to increase Essence. Bonuses from milestones such as partial or full cyborg could increase limit above and beyond Essence.
  • Essence = STR or CON stat (whichever is higher).

Everything else should fall into place and YOU GET A FISTFULL OF DICE TO ROLL!

Click the link or artwork to see the updated world primer. … Game On!


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This is actually really good. Not the direction I am now leaning, but if this existed 6 days ago, I would still be in total lurk mode. I’m envious of your facility and mastery of this.

I’m going to start keeping my mental mind dropping to myself so I have a time sink now.

This is good, might need a few tweaks, but it gives the gist. Very well done!

At work so limited in time. But with the burn for magic, I would only make it per 1 rolled not per failure.

There are other aspects to nitpick but very well done.


I love it… simple and clean!


This is super great. I love this. I have always had a great love for dicepool games and a quick plug and play way to turn ICRPG into one is just greatly appreciated. Thanks!


In an effort to keep in all in one place… i added the rules summary above to the World Primer… Here is the link… SHADOWRUN RETURNS


Im gonna be honest…i DO NOT like the dice pool mechanic. BUT…thats 100% a personal thing.
The rest of this? IS BRILLIANT!!! I LOVE the Shadowrun universe…but hate their system.
This is fantastic! The covering fire mechanic is amazing.
I will totally use this setting. And…because I learned the wisdom of dont knock it till you try it…id love to play in a game even with the dice pool. I might end up super surprised.
Regardless…Im following this VERY closely!


Honestly, it works great with ICRPG too. The primer was written for ICRPG system, but threw in the d6 dice pool mechanics as an alternative system… Game On!


Updated the document to include:
The loot table from Skinjob.
A d20 table for adventure LOG ideas.
Formattting and cleanup of the SR5e spells.
Additional Special Rules and other goodness.
More stuiff…

… Game On!