ICRPG settings


Has anyone made or considered making a Indiana Jones or Jumanji style game setting?

I am specially thinking of:

Starting equipment
Bad guys

Just curious. As much as I like swinging a sword or casting magic I really enjoy a more simple weapon/ wits game.



You can use a lot of the stuff from the BEYOND THE DOOR world primer already in the CORE (I think…maybe WORLDS).


Beyond the door is what I was thinking of.


I’d use weapon mechanics from ghost mountain (guns, etc) then probably make some interesting baddies, loot, and maybe some custom classes? But yeah I’d base most stuff of Beneath the Door.


ditto… on the weapons… should be easy to convert to fight evil Nazi’s and space aliens… sounds like fun! … Game On!


Hot damn, yes. I want to play this like yesterday, hehe. I have a huge love for pulp adventure.


I ran a re-themed Eyes of Sett adventure for two of my buddies set in an IJ type universe. Lemme see if I can dig up the doc I made…


That’s what I’m talking about!


I think a game in the Buckaroo Banzai universe would be badass too.


Don’t forget the Nazi’s secret base…on the moon!


Coming soon … to a television near you… in full technicolor… and stereo sound…

The Adventures of Ezequiel Phoenix


A new World Primer for ICRPG about famed adventurer, ex-paratrooper, and doctor of physics Ezequiel Pheoenix. It is the year 1933, born in 1901, the Dr. retired from the US military with specialties is climbing and piloting. Loves longs walks in the rain with slow alcohol and fast women. He has a deathly fear of spiders.

Famous Quote: … from atop the mountains of Kilimanjaro …“Horses are great, but jumping out of a plane is faster!”

The good Dr. has been lost in some aztec ruins in southern Mexico for a month. His brother and colleague, William Phoenix Jr., would like you and your team to venture out to the last known location, Cañón del Sumidero. and bring him back, alive if possible.

Their company, the Phoenix Corporation, will cover travel and basic climbing equipment along with transport back to civilization once he is found.

Can you and your team find the Dr.? What will be the fate of this infamous explorer? Join us next week and find out what awaits our adventurers in the Adventures of Ezequiel Phoenix: JUNGLES of the LEOPARD PEOPLE!


I was going to answer and try to spitball some mechanics but then I read the responses from other folks and was blown away. Yeah, totally–the stuff you need is right there in the books. I would never have thought to repurpose Cthulhu horror and wild west purgatory games into an Indiana Jones flavored game–but holy crap you guys was that a perfect answer. Freakin’ geniuses you guys! That makes me want to do a game like that now. Awesome.


Fantastic community. That’s what I tell people. This is just a freakin’ fantastic community!


So I’ve been tinkering with a Welcome to Night Vale scenario based on the Podcast of the same name, but damn if this Indiana Jones/ Jumanji idea isn’t taking over my brain. So Night Vale is on hold while Pulp Adventure devours my brain. You folks are just plain awesome.

As mentioned above I’m definitely using character types from Beneath the Door and gun rules from Ghost Mountain. It’s just too perfect. Time to get some serial adventure for breakfast.

Coming soon:
The Temple of the Peacock Throne