ICRPG Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds


Evenin’ Shield Wall!

I know we’re mostly a Roll20 crew 'round here, but I’ve been working on an ICRPG ruleset for Fantasy Grounds, my preferred VTT. If anyone else out there uses FG, or is curious about it, I wanted the ICRPG experience to be as easy as possible; I know the learning curve can be a bit rough, so this is my small part to make it just a bit easier. Here’s a quick overview of most of the stuff in the ruleset:

And here’s a link to the forum post with the ruleset and character sheet download


If anyone has any questions about FG or how to use the ruleset, or if you’ve got feedback, I’d be happy to hear ya!


This looks amazing. In general I like FG much more then Roll20 but the UI is just too tiny on my big screen so I can’t read anything. I will give this a look anyways, fantastic job. Thank you.


GREAT JOB there mate!


Yeah, I hear you on that. There’s a command, I think it’s /scaleui, that lets you scale the ui by a percentage. So /scaleui 120 would make everything 20% bigger. Not sure if you tried that, but it might help.


I did try that indeed. It scales as it should but sadly makes everything blurry.


Awesome job! so clean!


Very nice, thank you very much!


Wow! That’s awesome! I’ve never used Fantasy Grounds, but I’ve always wanted to–now even moreso, haha. Thanks for making this!


This is great, I posted on the FG forums about this also, but I’ll gladly help playtest this (I’ve ran an ICRPG game on FG for about 6 months just using Core and and an extension I made (I’m a community Dev for FG, usually I work in Barbarians of Lemuria and Castles and Crusades stuff).


Hey man, I’d love it if you could use and playtest this in your games, and would love to hear any feedback or reports on how it works; it all helps keep the momentum of this project moving forward. I plan on supporting this for the foreseeable future, especially if there’s a way to make this Runehammer official.

One thing I plan on doing in the coming weeks, which I’d love some help with, is running some community games for people new to FG, in order to get more people exposed to the software. To that end I’m currently working on getting all the data from CORE 2e into FG.


I have all of the Rulebook I made for my own game in CoreRPG so it should work for this well. I am out of the US until Sunday but when I get back (internet is spotty here at best) I will reach out to you to set it up to help ya.


That would be amazing. The most tedious part is creating all the Loot from the tables, and the item layout had minimal changes. You can DM me here or hit me up on Discord (Saagael#5728).


Good news! I’ve spoken with Hank and he’s greenlit CORE to be released on the Fantasy Grounds store. We’ve still got to go through SmiteWorks’ process for licensing, but we’re both committed to bring ICRPG to Fantasy Grounds.


Had a chance to playtest this today with my normal group. Looked fantastic and worked great.

Looking forward to it’s release.


I’ve been having some fun with this ruleset…


Awesome :smiley: it makes me super happy to see people using it. Send me a message if you find any problems, or have any suggestions.


I do actually have a question:

I see that you have the Room DC (In the bottom left of screen) set at 14 in the screenshot that you posted. The ruleset comes pre-loaded with the Room DC set at 12. I have been unable to determine how if at all you can change that number. Any help would greatly be appreciated.



Scroll wheel up and down changes it. I haven’t figured out a way to add a hot key that’s simpler than the scroll wheel.


Any thoughts on adding Hero Coin functionality into the ruleset? Perhaps similar to how the Savage Worlds ruleset implements the use of Bennies?


Absolutely. I’ve got a whole slew of additions to make to the ruleset before it gets published officially by FG and a character sheet overhaul is one of those. There’ll certainly be a spot for Hero Coins on the updated sheet.