ICRPG Rules in German



Hey Folks
Just wanted to share my short translation of the core rules of ICRPG in German. Some of my players don’t speak english, so i thought at least the core rules would be nice in German. It’s free to download at:

If you have any feedback or inputs, just let me know on Discord or here. I plan to make a version 2 with a short explanation of the Stats (STR,DEX,…)




Wunderbar! Gut gemacht! Nice to see such effort! I will forward to my friends in Germany…most folks here in Maui Sprechen English!


Thank you :blush:
Maui? So you now the humuhumunukunukuapua’a?
I like this name and I’m proud that I can recall it from memory :slight_smile:


Version 2 is avaiable here (I switched to itch.io):

Even more is translated.
Big thanks to glocke for the help <3