ICRPG Restock


when do you think will the Index Card RPG physical copy restock at Modiphus US site? the status has changed on the page here https://modiphius.us/products/index-card-rpg-master-edition from “In stock January” “to Stock Coming Soon”

I Ordered it last month.

do you think there been a delay?


All of us who ordered the pre-sale from the US site have not gotten books yet. They expect to ship in January. So, if the Modiphius site has updated their status to “stock coming soon,” that should be a good sign.

Of course, everything is taking longer in the world, currently, so who knows where their printer is in the grand scheme, but I am hopeful that the January ship date will hold.


i hope so too. i have been waiting.


It’s a distinguished club.


now it is February and it STIL says **This is a pre-order expected to ship in January 2022. **


I pre-ordered mine with my local game store, and according to their system they are expected to receive ICRPG ME and VDS on February 15th. That may not mean much and may change, but at least it is an actual date.


the shipping date has been updated to February 2022.


i got an update. they said they are going to start shipping next week.


I hope my game store gets their shipment soon! I am in Canada so may take a little longer.


I got my copy today in Australia (ordered through a local website).

It’s just beautiful


I ordered a second copy of the Master Edition rules for a friend from the US store yesterday, and according to Modiphius it shipped same day.


Interesting @chrisbynum. Gonna go test that.


SIGH I just looked at the e-mail again and read the fine print…

“ This email is to let you know that your Modiphius Entertainment Daily Fulfillments (IN) item(s) have shipped, or are shipping very soon! The package was shipped via UPS, with the following tracking number…”

They did give me a tracking number though… :confused:

Yesterday the stock status read “In stock,” which is what prompted my immediate purchase; currently it says, “Only 39 units left.”


Well, ordered. No tracking info yet. It said there were about 40 left in stock. I’ll update if I get a shipping notice.


My copy is currently at the ginormous UPS central hub in Hodgkins, Illinois. :slight_smile:

Twenty-five units remain. :thinking:


i just got my copy today!


Boom! Now, all that hand-wringing is a distant memory. :smiley:


Arrived! Five days. :smiley:


(Apparently, ‘round midnight tonight there were a few copies of ICRPG ME available at the US webstore; they sold out in less than 100 minutes…)


(It pays to move fast.)


Aaaaaaaaand…BACK IN STOCK! :+1:

(At the time of this posting, about 90 copies.)