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It’s been awhile since I have actually posted anything here. I am a super troll however and regularly skim the boards. These boards are frickin amazing… not only in style and layout… but content. Love coming here and reading everything you lunatics are creating. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

That said I have been doing so many different things lately. The Murder Hobo Show has changed from Savage Rifters and Threats Treats and Timers to just the “Murder Hobo Show” It is now just a general RPG podcast so I can talk about more than just Rifts and ICRPG.

I have been running a test of sorts and it is turning out amazingly. When 5e first came out I ran adventurers league at a local gaming store for about 3 years on sundays. I loved season one that takes place in phlan, and I have been itching to try ICRPG in a “Campaign” setting. SO I combined the two. I have been running season one using ICRPG mechanics and it is working incredibly well!!

Over the last couple months I have been running a sunday morning game and something amazing happened that I am still trying to work on/wrap my head around. I don’t know if i missed it or what…

… but lately i have been just letting my players describe successes and failures. The SCENE number is on the table right there for players to see. I set the scene, describe the problem, the player im interacting with tells me his “solution” I ask for the appropriate roll… and let the magic happen. The player knows without asking if they have passed the roll and I take a step back and ask the players to describe what happened… It has been tough for me to step back, but overtime I have been getting some crazy input that drives the story in incredible directions. Actually absolutely loving it!!

Anyways just wanted to throw that out there… its been an amazing process and learning experience for an old GM.

So that said… I have been releasing maps on TTS still if your interested I have built another couple maps, you can see them here.
You can download the pdf for season one for a couple bucks for some great story lines and use the maps for hours of good online 3d gaming :slight_smile:



When I start running again, I’ll definitely start doing that. The more buy-in your players have, the more they watch what others are doing.

Have you had anyone stepping on other people, saying “no this would be cooler” or has it opened things more for each self expression?


So far it’s been a positive experience, I play with the 40 to 50 ish crowd in the game and it’s been an absolute blast listening to them take over half the story!


A love giving players more agency on things such as this. I’ve been trying to do it more but I keep realizing, after the fact, that there was a really good opportunity for it but I skipped it with the ol DM narrative. I’m digging it, man.


I’m doing the same thing… Really hard up break old habits, and the players aren’t used to it either so they aren’t helping the process, but I’m really making an effort and loving what’s coming out of it. Really changing my gaming style in an eye opening way.


I understand why you did the change of your format from each show separate to all forms of RPG. I get it, I myself am a all around player of all forms of RPM & in some way I pick & choose items from different RPG to Frankenstein my own game. Granted it might be 90% one system. And the rest game ideas I have picked up over the years. Like I think the Aspect rules from FATE CORE give chances for players to have both a personal reason & a bond with another player to make sense whey they act the way they do.
But on the on the other hand. I like knowing what the Game system you will be talking about on each podcast is about. I am selfish that way. And your the only one that once in a while that did a decent podcast about ICRPG to show people to lesson to. And now that is gone =,( . It is hard enough to pull people away from that fricking D(Fricking) N (Frinking) D. Now I have no podcast to show them, to lesson to hype them up about the the game. I guess I will just have to find away to let them borrow my iPod to lesson to the podcast I get ad a Immortal.


Ahhhh man… I’m sad now. I promise there will be lots of icrpg talk!


i will keep you to that promise.


I have to say, MHS, your podcast is 100% the reason I am playing not only ICRPG, but TTRPG’s at all. I was looking for a LIGHT rules system to scratch that itch, and the Murder Hobo Show is how I heard about ICRPG. Your Threats, Treats, & Timerz episodes are what really sold me on it.

I understand the reason for the change, and I wish you the best with the new format.


I play on the opposite spectrum - the under 20 year olds. They started under 10 but are now tweens!

This method happened organically with that age. Like they roll, already figured out that they did it, and then immediately tell you what happens.

I personally think it is because they are still bold and brave. They haven’t really been shown a different way, been hammered by ‘don’t speak until spoken to’, or have a fear of ‘what if what I say is dumb.’ They literally just don’t have that switch yet.

Running sessions for kids has for sure gotten me back to that same mind set so when they maybe don’t want to take the narrative or I get caught into the mood, I can backfill with their same level of wacky energy and it is a blast!

Question — how are you handling the campaign? Milestone after 3 sessions? Are you finding the characters getting too strong for the adventure league content? How are you linking the adventures? I thought adventure league was more of a one-shot vibe.

The D&D adventure campaigns have been trash — the new one about stealing the treasure in the city MIGHT be the one I decide to actually buy. It actually looks usable and fun but for the most part, I am not impressed and think Paizo adventures are a way better way to go. BUT all of them are just so stinking wordy!!!



DDAL, season one is broken into two styles, expeditions and excursions. One is long form and one is one shot, but the one shots all tell a small part of a bigger story. You don’t miss anything of you miss one or two adventures.

I’m going to try and keep level on par… Most of season one is 1 to 3 so I will keep an eye on the adventure level and make sure I only pass out 3 milestones before we get to the 4 to 7 content.

I’m changing the names and places and monsters… I used gerblins and skeletons and shamblers and your upcoming adventure will be a roper.

Everything takes place in New Haven in northern alfheim.

The rest of this is a test for me to see how icrpg handles a campaign. Best one shots I’ve run so far. Players controlling thier side of the story has been amazing.

I’ll keep you posted



Another way to level them is stats instead of milestones. Give them a +1 to spend on whatever they want but still keep the hearts low on the players. That was something we toyed with in discord to avoid OP loot progression but still give a player the ‘I leveled’ vibe.

Got get ‘em!


Good luck with your campaign and your podcast brother! I’m in love with your TTS content, you know.

Do tell how your campaign goes. It is great to gather feedback from multiple people.