ICRPG Oneliner Hack Challenge


Hey guys,

many of you started to HACK things into ICRPG. I’m curious about what you did HACK in. But to raise the bar a bit - and to avoid walls of text - let’s make a CHALLENGE out of it: Oneliners only to describe the hack completly(!).

I’ll start with a rule I took from Forbidden Lands and modified it a tiny bit:

Consumables are leveled from D4 up to D12, where on a 1 or 2 you decrease the die.


Chunks of 6 HP instead of 10 HP hearts, to allow stacking d6s as damage counters.


Half-heart increments of 5 HP.

Universal room target of 12.

Monsters have separate AC from room target.


i have a list that is way too long… but my most commonly used hack is this:

Create a unique system hack for every world I make. A perfect example is SURGE DICE in Altered State. I use it or something like it in every world primer. (Thanks @Alex!)

Game On!

  1. From OSE I added the structure for random monsters encounters, surprise, distances, treasure, the Hired Help, and monster starting personality tables (just replace magic items with ICRPG rolls)

  2. From 5e I added the weather table, owning a business table, and plot builder from the DMG

  3. Dungeon World I added the degrees of success, the narrative focus, the weapon/armor tags

  4. From 1982 Conan the Barbarian - I added the theme music



d20 & d6 only system


Dude I have a whole bunch!! Let me try to add the most important bits.

  • Whole gameplay loop now works exactly like Dungeon World but with a d20.
  • Tags are the main mechanic on monsters, weapons and spells alike.
  • Armor is flat damage reduction, you always take at least 1dmg on a hit.
  • My core stats are Strength, Wits, Intellect and Will.
  • Spells spend mana instead of hp.
  • Easy/Hard is replaved by boons&banes.

  • Sometimes when the timer clicks down, Roll Effort and add it to “Off-Screen Badness.” Fill a :heart:, give it to a baddie, or like, give the baddie an extra attack per turn. (But have whatever really rotten thing the filled heart specifically triggers written down before session obviously.)

  • Doom/Villain Coins. Sometimes when the PC rolls that natural 1, delay the extra badness and make them squirm by giving the GM the equivalent of a Hero Coin to use against the party later.

ETA: That’s as close to one liners as I get! :grinning:


Replaced the six core attributes with 16 attributes/skills.


I’m curious about this, wanna tell me more about it in PMs, please? :smiley:

As for my own hacks for ICRPG:
• Brough in Fray Effort from Godbound to replace Magic Effort. Energy Effort Replaces Gun Effort.
• Defense is passive again, but there are various damage reduction.
• Classes are replaced by paths, tags act like feats with a static modifier.
• Added a Skill List and a Knowledge List.


Conditions fill inventory slots from Mausritter!

Using magic is like playing with plutonium, from Professor DungeonMaster :slight_smile:


Spells are hearts not levels.


Replaced effort dice with:

  • d4 Basic, unskilled, unarmed
  • d6 Journey
  • d6 Social
  • d6 Tool
  • d8 Weapon
  • d10 Extraordinary or Energy
  • d12 Ultimate.


Reduce the 6 attributes to 3 (Might = Strength and Constitution, Skill = Dexterity and Intelligence Persona = Wisdom and Charisma)…Might for “fighters”, Skill for “rogue types” and Persona for “spell-casters”.


I add another Hack Idea

Spells are POWER WORDS combined and interpreted (improvise and apply GM ruling at the spot)