ICRPG on Runehammer?


:game_die: 6


Battle Witch and Troll



Endora the witch :heart:
Int +3 Magic +3
Enchanted Knife magical damage

Int Spells
Lightning Bolt
Curse of Ord
Frog ( turns subject into a frog. Con save negates)
Crystal Sanctuary


Troll :heart: :heart:
+3 Str +3 Effort

Spiked Club weapon damage

Regeneration 3hp


The timer resets @discobot roll 1d4


The timer resets
@discobot roll 1d4


:game_die: 4


Bogbreath rolls for iniative
@discobot roll 1d20


:game_die: 12


Bogbreath attacks Endora
@discobot roll 1d20+2


:game_die: 14


Bogbreath stabs Endora with his rusty blade. Die evil witch!

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 3


Lilyhammer decides that he sits to the left of Bogbreath and goes next!

"Well this got intense very quickly.

Bog, buddy, do you usually stab your employer when they arrive?

You must be Endora. I am Lilyhammer. Is this large fellow with you the Prince?

As you can tell I am very confused, but I trust my new friend’s judgment so I hope you like your buns crispy!"

Lilyhammer winds up to cast a bolt of fire at the witch. @discobot roll 1d20 + 3


:game_die: 9


I am unsure if the bot added 3 so I will assume not, so it’s a HIT!!!

@discobot roll 1d8
Magical effort = +3


:game_die: 8


Oh nice Kentucky fried!


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What a world! What a world! The witch burns up. All I wanted to do was seduce a 13 year old Prince! ( The witch looks like she’s about 50 years old). The troll starts dancing. Ding dong the witch is dead! Which old witch? The nasty witch!