ICRPG Old School: Fighter's Challenge I


EDIT: There doesn’t seem to be much interest for this, so I’m going to call it. See you folks next time!


I’m looking to run an old-school AD&D module, The Fighter’s Challenge I, updated to ICRPG! Here’s the pitch as well as some metadata!


Earthroot Citadel, stronghold of Lord Hauberk

The dwarf-lord Hauberk’s soldiers are spread thin, and resources even thinner. A terrible winter is coming, and the southern campaign against the hobgoblin horde shows no signs of yielding. You and your band have been tasked by Captain Tobias of the Ebon Vanguard, Hauberk’s elite guard, to travel northeast. You are to make your way to suffering village of Sturnheim at the foothills of the Ruby Peaks, and discover why the trade route was abandoned four decades ago. Then, reopen the abandoned route through the mountains. If the passage through is not reopened, and the riches of the northern kingdom not brought to use, the Earthroot will be lost.

This adventure features a considerable amount of player-driven exploration, wilderness travel, and combat.


Genre: Dark Fantasy
Tags: Old-School, Grungy, Lethal
Party Size: 5
Platform: Roll20 VTT and text-only, Discord for music
Schedule: Weekly, Saturdays, 3-7pm EST (Session I on 4/20)

Character Creation:

  • IMAGINE a character that fits an old-school, dark fantasy adventure.
  • Find a piece of ART and send it in a message to me here so I can make a token
  • Name your ARCHETYPE (Warden, Flamekeeper, Slayer, Shaman, etc.)
  • Build with 8 STAT POINTS (+Bioform)
  • List 3 TAGS for your character (we’ll work out mechanics)
  • Design 1 STARTER REWARD (we’ll work out mechanics)
  • 3 Equipment & 3 Weapons
  • All characters begin play with 1 Ration, which feeds one person per day
  • All characters begin play with 1d6 COIN

House Rules:

  • Stress: All characters start play with an empty HEART of Stress. This fills as a character encounters the horrors that lurk just outside of view. Upon reaching a full Heart of Stress, a character must make a Resolve check using one of their stats. Success provides a Hero Coin and reduces Stress by 2d4. Failure inflicts an Affliction.
  • Spell Burn: Spell Burn is in effect.
  • Rations: These are a single-character version of Supply, and considerably cheaper at 2 COIN per Ration.

Please comment below if you’re interested in playing, and don’t forget your torches!


When you write Text Only do you mean as in no Voice just text?


Yep! We still join for normal sessions, use tokens and maps, just text instead of voice!

EDIT: Text-based play is a great alternative to voice that most people never try. It’s a little bit slower, naturally, but it allows players to post their character’s thoughts (for us players, the “audience”), more accurately reflect their voice and behaviors because they can describe it (and don’t have to be voice actors), and it keeps everyone on the same page. No more having to try and remember what happened two weeks ago, just scroll up. :fist:


I agree, I played the most incredible game of savage worlds deadlands with Fantasy Grounds and just text. It takes a little longer than voice but it can be super immersive to not hear… Ok im going to move over here and do this.


If that’s an, “I’m in”, then I’m glad to have you! A few more fellows and we’ll have a proper adventuring party! :smiley: