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I love basketball. As a teen I played it quite a bit and even made to the state team (under 18). I stopped playing mainly because where I live any sports other than soccer are NOT well funded and we have no tradition of sports teams in our universities.

I also have been playing NBA 2k game for the first time in my life. Last time I played a basketball video game it was Lakers vs Celtics in the mega drive maybe 25 years ago.

That all said, please bear with me. This is just a quick draft of a sports-themed ICRPG game.

Edit: Here’s the expanded PDF with some print and play stuff! It’s PWYW on DTRPG, feel free to download it for free and have fun!



Thank you for reading if you’re still around. I just typed these ideas in the past 30 min and haven’t playetested anything yet. But there you go! As always, any feedback is appreciated. I’d particularly like to hear about any story ideas so I can eventually write some adventure drafts.

Hope you guys are healthy and having fun!


I love this!
In my younger days I was a wrester. I remember making a game using percentile dice, with individual wrestlers, based on stats for takedowns, tilts, and reversals. I marked time per round, and ran entire tournaments using the system. I’m so stoked for you to run this system!

Rock on!


Hey, man, thanks

This was a drop of sudden inspiration that I wanted to share. Glad you like it.

I’ll be doing something with this later, probably creating more Loot and writing some adventure ideas and adding some rules clarifications.


I can see you’re probably Brazilian as well, hahaha



God damn Brazilians, they’re everywhere, right?

What gave me away? :stuck_out_tongue:


The soccer bit hahahah


I’m starting to think this idea might become… something.

Edited the original post to link the PDF with expanded rules :slight_smile: Feel free to check it out!


I love this project, great work.

I’d love to see a modern drama revovling around basket ball like some disney movie or putting basket ball as sport into a fantasy or scifi game.
Could the rules be adjusted to allow spells or thrustpacks lol

A whole lie of sports games would be cool, (US) Football, soccer, and baseball


Thanks, sir! It was made with a lot of love for sure :smile:

I didn’t write a lot about it but on v1.2 there’s a couple of paragraphs about these types of campaigns. Any Loot can be added to the rules of a Game / Balls without changing a lot except the descriptions of how things happen… Spells could be tricky, but it’s definitely doable! I mean, the Team Ranks are literally high school -> college -> pro -> supernatural -> alien/meta

Space Jam comes to mind, obviously, but also Shaolin Soccer :stuck_out_tongue:

For sure! I can see mechanics for soccer or football (or even hockey) popping on my head right now… I know nothing about baseball but the rules can be easily adapted for other sports, I think. For individual sports like tennis I’d use a different mechanic (hp/Effort, like combat, but with different descriptors)


In terms of playing baseball as a tabletop game, this is the finest (and fastest playing) game out there. It is terrific! There are other games that go into immense detail and are cool, but this one plays the best IMO. And as a game plays out, it just “feels” like a baseball game. You can play a game in about an hour, and you’ll feel like you were right there! It’s just genius.
Sorry for OT, but I am an evangelist for this game.


Thanks for sharing, man! I had never heard of this. Actually, I think this is the first RPGs about sport I’ve seen ‘-’

I know next to nothing about baseball but this should be a nice read

Do you guys know others?


Well to be fair, Deadball isn’t really an RPG/ It’s a baseball simulation that works. But, I will tell you that if you roll-up your own team and start playing a season (and your anything like me :slight_smile:) then you WILL start role playing your lefty slugger, your ace pitcher, and your speedy base stealer.

To answer your question though, absolutely other great sports games out there. I used to play old Avalon Hill games like Bowl Bound (college football)

And other baseball games like Strat-o-matic Baseball

If you’re into basketball then two old games that I used to play with my buddies that I remember fondly are Statis Pro, and again Strat-o-matic Basketball. If you can get your hands on them they are worth it.


Thanks, man! I had never heard about any of these games :smiley: I’ll try to check them asap


Hockey or Lacross could be pretty cool. Having a team of those blip guys from warpshell teleport around would be awesome


Hey guys

Hoops! is now updated to v1.3

I’ll probably leave it at it for quite some time. Thanks for everyone who provided feedback and ideas. You guys are awesome!